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LR world Health event to feel good by Miss Lopez

Hello! Less stress for everybody! Here I can show you my event of today…I really have had a great time!
Hola! Menos stress para todo el mundo! Echad in vistazo a las fotos de mi evento de hoy..
Hej! Dagens event handlade om Mindre Stress till alla! Det låter bra!
Here Roxy trying Mind Master with a friend…at my office at Skeppargatan 41, Stockholm
Hello! S happy so many people ame to my event. We are growning and actually I am looking for more of you to come:) Next time on the 5th of April by the way!
We had a great presentation by Sandra about LR world health products and I could say in two words that to feel good there are two principles: the logical one and always finding balance! So if you want to feel not only good but better treat yourself right! So simple! Cool!
By the way here it comes more information about MIND MASTER to less stress for everybody!

Mind Master – less stress, more performance!

Mind Master Flaschen

Mind Master Brain & Body Performance Drink

Mind Master is the worldwide first product which is dedicated to the holistic issue of stress! Physical stress is neutralized and new, fresh energy is provided for body and mind. Longer keep up, more efficiency, more energy – now quite simple with Mind Master!
Recommended dosage: 80 ml daily

Unique active ingredient formula

Thanks to the innovative active substance combination you achieve with Mind Master two important aims:

1. Less stress by Mind Master

Stress creates in our body negative energy in the form of dangerous free radicals. These free radicals are neutralized effectively by specially coordinated antioxidants.


2. More performance by Mind Master

The micronutrients of the Green Energy Formula ensure that the production of physical and mental energy is stimulated.
In Swedish
In Spanish

Interested in Mind Master you too? Send me an e mail to info & Feelgood!

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