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Miss Lopez make up tips for my new event: wear it like a "vamp"!

Something not that easy is to wear make up in the vampy way & I still love it…what do you think? I have found this video from Lewis make up artist that can be good help…
I love a bit of make up to feel event better!

Here me with “vamp” make up…I hope you like it! The thing is the focus should be in either the  eyes or mouth to find balance!
Find balance everywhere & Feelgood!

Miss Barcelona loving Miss Lopez's make over. Viva Miss Lopez!

Miss Barcelona and Miss Lopez

Hello there my dear Miss Lopez’s community, It’s been a very busy week at Miss Lopez, we had had a lot of meetings and events to attend, and I guess you’ve already seen some of the new collaborations we’re doing now.
I’m very excited about the upcoming seminar in Search Engine optimization organized by Per Ulfhaim next 22on of March, I’m sure we’ll learn a lot in order to be better for you my people. VIVA SOCIAL MEDIA!! 🙂
Yesterday was a very intense day as well but my favorite part was the before and after look that I did on Miss Lopez, did you see the pictures?, didn’t she look very beautiful?
Here you have a description of what I did and this are the Mary Kay products I used:
I first applied a very soft medium coverage foundation, color number 302.
Then I applied canceler color 2 on the down side of her eyes.
The next step was to delineated her eyebrow’s with the eye brown pencil deep brown, then we start with the eye shadows, first I applied a clear and luminous eye shadow all  over her eyelid, I used color Monnstone. Then I used a darker color that I blended in the crest of her eye following the natural lines of her globe with color Expresso. Once the eye shadow’s were done I use eye pencil brown to trace a thin line just above at the union of her lashes and her eyes, and I also trace a thin line under the eyes but only going to the middle and then blended a little bit for a more natural yet sophisticated look. 😉
Once the eyes were done, I apply a little it of blush on her cheeks, I used color Sunny Spice since we were doing a day make up look and it’s a very natural tone that blended perfectly with her skin.
We finished up the look by applying lip liner in color Neutral, delineating the borders of her mouth and then filling them up with lip gloss Diamond pink for a natural fresh look.
This look it’s very easy to do and you can have all the colors together in the super glamorous Mary Kay compact.
If you want to learn how to do it by yourself and how to get the products just contact Beauty Stockholm and I will be very happy to help you. VIVA FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD!!! 🙂
Now I have to get ready for the Urban Deli surprise to celebrate the Spanish week they’ve been carrying on here in Stockholm. Stay connected for more amazing news, always, with a Latin touch. VIVA SPAIN!!! 🙂

Look!, Sophia Loren, 76 years old at Miss Italy contest.

Hi there!. I like this!. Get inspiration from Italian Sophia Loren!
Have a look at Sophia Loren!. Seventy-six will be on September the 20th, and no one would say. The grande dame of Italian cinema Sophia Loren returned to the pageant in which triumphed in 1950 as Miss Elegance. Sixty years later, the stunning actress has come onto the stage of Miss Italy.
With a silver dress that made her with a very nice slim figure, she crowned the new Miss Italy 2010, the young Francesca Testasecca, 19, in a contest that has not been without controversy over the alleged transsexual of one of the candidates.
Sophia Loren congratulated the new Miss Italy and gave some of her beauty tips. The veteran actress says that one of her secrets is to eat pasta every day. Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti, “ says Loren, but underlines she eats very little sweet to not get fat. Exercise and be optimistic about life is also one of her remedies to be this beautiful.
I think these last ones are the best beauty tips you can get.
Exercise often, be optimistic about life and Feelgood!

Misslopez: Enjoy long summer nights with a fresh look all night

Thanks for your comments!. I love them!.
Now more Misslopez tips and ideas!. Nothing better than summer nights!. Long evenings in good company, enjoying when, at last, the sun sets and you enjoy the summer night. Do you want the makeup still in place although the night may be long?.
When I was a litle girl in Spain I used to say I want to be an art painter. I am afraid I din´t develop one of my passions, painting but at least I am fond of make up and many says I am good at this. Painting anyway!.I give you then  some tips for perfect hold until you return home so you  can boast  a good face all night!

  • The mates makeup bases control the brightness and have greater hold than satin.
  • The translucent powder sets makeup and prolongs its duration. The secret to implement them correctly is to apply some product and, above all, remove any excess with a good brush, so it is very light and transparent.
  • A secret for lip color that lasts longer than it fill the entire surface of the mouth with a pencil eyeliner. If necessary, you can blend with a cotton swab. This will create a color based on which you can apply lipstick with a brush selected, pressing the lips against each other to fix the pigments.
  • The waterproof mascara better resist late night that traditional and hold laughter, tears and smoke. Of course, to eliminate need to use a makeup remover that it is specific.
  • For an accurate and outlined long-term is preferable to use eye shadow applied with a wet brush or eye liner liquid. By the way, do you have any trick to make the makeup last longer?

For more information about products send me an e mail to or contact A sea star
Be pretty all night and Feelgood. You will be the Queen (again) of the party!

Misslopez beauty adviser: A sea star

Hi everyone!. I am happy to introduce you our new Misslopez beauty adviser:
A sea star.
Her name is Anneli Roxne, she is from Sweden and a strong woman who want to guide with her beauty tips.  She will be blogging in Misslopez by the name of A sea star. She believes strongly in our values in Misslopez: Feel good womanhood
Please do not hesitate to contact her as the new blogger in Misslopez
Wellcome to the world of beauty!.
Visit her site  A sea star
Feelgood Womanhood

Misslopez beauty tips: five reasons to be prettier this summer

Hola, hola amigos y amigas again!. It’s here, the summer!.
Summer is packed with small and great pleasures to be enjoyed with all the senses,  both for health and for beauty. Get ready!
Sleep! The body needs sleep to get repaired, and holidays are an excellent time for it. And that must be added a healthy siesta. If there is a good time to sleep after lunch, that’s the summer And you do not spend hours and hours: there are  studies that show that twenty minutes of sleep after lunch it is enough to recover energy and feel better.
hair dryer goodbye! No dryers to give your hair a rest.
Pampering for the body … It is time to swimwear, shorts and miniskirts. So, take better care of your body to look radiant face. Thus, the body skin exfoliates, moisturizes and pampers with special care.
Including feet …. The secret is to use a foot scrub often to give smoothness, followed by the application of a specific moisturizer. And besides, an extra ally: the walks along the sand on the beach. Walking through it is an excellent exercise for all the muscles of the feet and calves. If, moreover, is somewhat rough sand, can be a little exfoliation. Another good idea to improve leg circulation and combat cellulite is to give a good ride halfway up the leg submerged by the sea as  the resistance of the water has an effect on both mechanical and toning skin and muscles.
Yes to soft foods. Salads and fresh fruits become our best partners to spend the summer heat. We must seize the properties of seasonal products, such as the watermelon, rich in water and low in calories. A delicious snack  with a huge supply of vitamins. And what about a spanish gazpacho, one of our dishes so healthy and complete. Rich in vitamins, fiber and low in calories, refreshing, tasty and nutritious, is the perfect dish for any time. Specially during the summer!
Enjoy the best summer of you life and Feelgood

Misslopez beauty tips: avoid brightness of your skinn in the summer

Today, we get our skinn ready for the summer. These beauty tips in case you have oily skin.
How? The thing is if you have oily skin, your skin glows get more impurities. But do not despair! Everything has a solution. Take note of these little tricks and see how it improves the look of your skin:

  • In summer, you should go for lighter cosmetic products, or apply the same cream you use normally, but only in the drier parts of the face, and cheeks.
  • It is best to choose to use a special cream for oily skin.
  • Clean up impurities from excess fat with cleaners which are specific for greasy skin.
  • Once a week is highly recommended to exfoliate which prevent the accumulation of impurities in the pores.
  • Use translucent powder “oil free” or free of oils. These absorb excess fat that occurs throughout the day. A good option are extra mattifying gels.

Take care of yourself and you will see the difference!

Misslopez beauty tips: Get the best resuls of your hair fixing-spray

Today I am going to talk about a classic among fixing products. Take note of the simple tips to get the wanted results of your hair spray:
– Do not forget to apply the lacquer about 20 cm away and in circles the whole head, so you will achieve its effect lasts much longer.
– When applied to the head upside down, the result is a lot of volume from root to tip.
– To combat rebel hair, apply lacquer directly on the comb or brush and then brush your the area you want.
Do you often use spray fix your hair? Share your experiences with us.
Get the best results for your hair and Feelgood

Till startsidan