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Black is black

English/ Black is the King in terms of fashion, isn´t it?. Always chic and less risk…dressed to succed. Whatever here it comes some tips about how to dress in black without being too much but still all black…Here it comes 🙂
we start with the jumper…from Mango. Did you know I have been working in Mango long time ago?.Love Spanish Mango 🙂
simple and nice
casual trousers of course in black
one must have bag. I really like this one, and you?
to give you a chic look, nothing like high quality leather long jacket, in this case from Balmain
and to make more fashionist,these boot from Zalando.
I hope you find interesting my fashion tips of today!

Balmain & HM

Idag ska jag fyra giftermålet…melan HM & Balmain. 🙂 🙂 🙂
Det roliga är att det påminner mig om min tid på 80-talet när jag bodde i Spanien och var yngre… 🙂
Fin grön färg!
80-talet, militär stil, afrikanska detaljer…vad tycker ni?. Allt utom enkelhet. Vem har sagt att “less is more”?? 🙂 More is more, too!
Här en kändis, Gigi Hadid som passar så fin i Balmain. Nu blir det min smak på riktig!
Personligt älskar att tänka “outside the box”, måste jag säga. Varför inte inledda äktenskap mellan en Stor Low cost fashion företag som H&M och “haute couture” från Paris? Varför inte blanda lyx och exklusiviteten med Fashion för alla som koncept?. Här kommer resultatet…Här kommer giftermålet!
Viva att testa nya koncept inom mode!
Viva samarbete från olika too! 🙂 Då blir det förändring på riktig!

Handsome beauty for women to improve your sex appeal this Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Hello mis amigos & amigas! Miss Lopez is back with more fashion news this time…after an interesting weekend and an hour more of sweet sleep today. Nice! I love it! 🙂
You know, these days of gender equality men take, or at least are supposed to care of their children, clean and cook. But at the same time they do not wear skirts or make-up (in general).  Actually if they do, they are considered gay or eccentric!!!!!!!!!!!!. (I like it!) At least this is the common idea among most of the population. In contrast, if a woman takes a manly styling it is not considered as a lesbian.  Why do you think is so? I think the key lies in history.  It´s not just about icons in art & fashion from the past like: Édith Piaf, Lauren Bacall, Jean Seberg, Diane Keaton…I believe there is a socio-cultural reason: in most of the civilizations is the woman who has had to fight for their freedom so one of her arms has been to be more like them physically. Here from Miss Lopez we do not think you have to try to look like a man to get equal rights but it can be just fun! 🙂
But Yes, we Women demand equal rights like men and at the same time we want to remain feminine and feel beautiful, seductive and captivating…so What can be more attractive than the ambiguity?…Cool! Interesting question, don´t you think so? And YOU, what do you think?
Get inspired by handsome beauty style for women! Check Penelope Cruz´s new style!

From Balmain catwalk Fall Winter 2011-2012…as many other designers this new season. Masculine Style is IN! & Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool too!
Venture Up the Handsome Beauty in YOU! Have Fun & feelgood!
By the way Sleep Well & Sweet Dreams by Miss Lopez! 🙂

Misslopez Fashion tips: Be the most trendy in the evening party

Hi!. Do you want to be trendy in the evening?. For an extra special style I propose Balmain in pure form. Takes note of the slogans: mini + brocade + sharp shoulders. If you do not want to look too much, have only two of these proposals. It works!
Attention: Choose black shoes to avoid overloading the look that also help to focus all attention on the dress.
(Photo Balmain)
Go allways for the balance ven in cloths and Feelgood

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