New Latin music star in Sweden: Miami sound, Sayen!

Hola amigos y amigas!
A new Latin star was born in Sweden! 🙂 Viva bringing the Latin touch in Scandinavian & everywhere!!!!
Tired after a magic party yesterday with Beauty Team at Söder. THANK YOU girls, Felicia & Marisel!…Well I must say one of the best moments of the party was lisening to Sayen and her single in colaboration with Pato Pooh in Sweden: “Quiero tocar feat”. Cooooooooooooooooool!
Lisen to wonderful Sayen and let me know! Viva Latin touch with Miami sounds in Sweden and Feelgood!
Viva FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD with a Latin touch! 🙂

Miss Lopez Business marathon today with Victoria Gomez

Hello everybody!!! Miss Lopez in Stockholm back to you my babies everywhere!!What a business day I have had today together with Victoria Gomez. I have just arrived home after 16 hours intense work. The thing is we are working on the concept Miss Lopez events together and today it has been one meeting, and intense ones, after the other…but FUN anyway as I love it! Good to have someone like Victoria, don´t you think so?

I feel I´ve rather not say too much before all the negotiations are done. You know, I am a doer , not a talker or at least I try!!! So in the morning a business lunch with a third person (I´ll tell you another day) so we can really make big events in Stockholm. They know how to do it and I am really looking forward to it but this is going to take some time, a few months I guess. The another meeting with Pontus from Shake my World, making events to single people and in Sweden there are many…so Let´s help single people to find their soul mate, don´t you think so??? With Miss Lopez too! 🙂

And then more important meetings…at Clarion hotel, etc…and then at home writing to you. By the way, have you checked at Miss Lopez Kickoff next week? I hope so so check it out now!

Tomorrow I´ll be at the presentation of Baby Wool Alpaca at PUB with and now, as you´ve been so nice to me, I think you deserve to go to the cinema with Miss Lopez! Don´t you think so?? 🙂 Check it out and Feelgood! Get your reward after a working day and FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD everybody!!! Viva Women´s Business!

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