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Enjoy a royal honeymoon with glamour in Mallorca

The wedding Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco automatically became a myth, and the new princess, a symbol of the rebirth of Monaco.  But did you know that they had their honeymoon in Spain, Mallorca? Yes!
The newlyweds chose as the destination for their honeymoon a secret corner of the Balearic Islands: 322 room in hotel Barceló in Mallorca, on 23 April 1956.
This hotel has just launched its new Honeymoon Package Princess, a vacation package that evokes all the luxury, exclusivity and glamor surrounding the residence of Grace Kelly in the islands, for those looking for a honeymoon ‘movie’, and enjoy some of the exclusive details typical of the pomp of royalty.
You will get an impressive room overlooking the bay of Formentor,  emerald green vegetation,  a check-in private session to receive exclusive massage to release tension of the wedding, lobster dinner, sparkling wine and wedding cake, breakfast in bed with champagne and  a professional photographer, are just some of the keys to this magical  honeymoon
And you, where would you go on your honeymoon?
Feelgood in Mallorca!

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Sessilee Lopez, the new American top model

She is the new top model of the moment and here comes a piece of information about this new American model.
Sessilee Lopez was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA), 4 January 1989. In 2004, she joined the agency IMG Models, moved to New York from Port St. Lucie (Florida), where she lived since 1998 with her family.
Her debut in the international fashion´s world: on the New York catwalk collection with Daryl K and Vivienne Tam (February 2004). That  year, poses in front of the camera  for Benetton and a few months later, she is the face of perfume tab ‘One’ from Calvin Klein.
Her most important works (among others):

  • Spring-summer 2009: Image of Barney’s, ckOne and GAP.
  • Fall-Winter 2009-2010: Image of Gas Jeans, Uniqlo Heattech and Tommy Hilfiger.
  • Spring-summer 2010: Premium GAP Jeans.

Feelgood Womanhood Miss Lopez!

Penelope Cruz tries to seduce Sarah Jessica Parker´s husband on tv

Just two months before the movie Sex and the City 2 will be on tv, have been revealed some details in advance. Penelope Cruz, Barbra Streisand and Liza Minelli are among the stars in this new season.

We´ll see a beautiful Penelope Cruz like in the picture trying to seduce Mr. Big (Chris North), Carrie’s husband, a role played by Sarah Jessica Parker.
Don´t miss Sex and the City2!
Feelgood Womanhood!

Enjoy jobb and family like Gisele Bundchen in Paris

Gisele, the brazilian top model, and her husband, Tom Brady, have been travelling to Paris  with their son Benjamin, just five months old.  The three could be watched, as a family of normal tourists, aboard one of the traditional boats  along the Seine the most spectacular views of the City of Light.
The Brazilian supermodel has fully recovered her figure  already and this trip to Paris is as well in order to present the new collection  sandals Ipanema in collaboration with Bündchen.
This is a good way to combine jobb and pleasure!.

Misslopez´s tip: The perfect business trip for the business woman

Here you see Madonna going out from a plane, a real business woman!.
I give you  some tips for you who travel a lot at work!.  about finding the hotel on time, getting enough rest, meals with clients, meetings, taxis, calls … work trips are short, intense, and often involve high doses of stress.
About the hotel.
When leisure travel organization, to find the perfect hotel is easy. However, when we are arranging a business trip, things get complicated. The key: the amount of time you have. If we only spend a few hours, from meeting to meeting, in the chosen city, the hotel must be halfway between the airport and the workplace. If instead we will have little free time, a more central hotel will allow us to maximize our brief  tourist visit, visiting friends, dining in a restaurant …
Do you think you need to use your laptop or Blackberry web connection while in the hotel? Before booking, make sure you have WiFi connection and, if possible, which is included in the price of the room.
About the suitcase. Business trips are usually short and very intense, so the travel luggage the lighter the better, saves on stress and tension, allowing you to board without checking (see the dimensions of cabin baggage allowed the airline), with wheels and easy to carry. Remember that some companies do not permit more than one package with you, so keep that in mind if, in addition to luggage, need to bring your computer. A convenient netbook, or a mobile phone with internet connection  may be the solution.
About the jet-lag. To combat these effects,a special pillow to nap fee, which enables us to sleep in a room just a few hours during the afternoon.
About organizing your time. Try not to over-fill your schedule, so little time has ‘scope’: jams, taxis that are lost, meals unexpected meetings that stretch … Think that to cancel at the last minute or coming  late is bad for your image and your company.
And what to have with me all the time? it is essential you have at hand the basics to move quickly once the plane lands: the mobile phone, calendar, address of the hotel or the company you go to visit, phone company local taxis, currency in the country concerned, passport …
And Enjoy your trip as much as you can!
Bon voyage!

Best Misslopez beauty tip: laugh a lot

The  spanish model, Laura Sanchez is always transmitting optimism, with a smile on her face is not surprising that she confesses that “the best trick of beauty, healthier and cheaper, is to laugh a lot”, and follow some rutins. Does anyone doubt that?
The Andalusian model has shared her beauty secrets. Take note of her advice, especially now that we are already in full set-up for the summer.
In shape. Laura enjoys to exercise, and although it goes to the gym, loves riding and swim.
Your skin. Aware of the importance of hydration, drink plent of water and always use a good morning cream moustirizer.
“No need to spend many hours in the care of the skin, but always at least a few minutes during morning and evening”.
Relaxing moments. “The stress is very obvious in our skin. A good massage is highly recommended: helps release tension, and skin and face thank us forever. ”
So do as Laura and laugh a lot!

Misslopez beauty tips: time to improve your skin!

The best way of giving a true care to dry skin  is the application of a moisturizing mask. To optimize this performance, nothing like making a smooth peeling on the face, which helps eliminate dead cells and allows assets to operate in deep moisturizing.
This type of mask should become a weekly routine practice for dry skin and a  cure for skin exposed to very cold weather, wind, excessive sun or charged environments due to heating.
Get ready for the perfect summer!
Feelgood Womanhood

Spanish Inditex Sales up 2009

According to Fashionfrom, spanish textiles group Inditex was well in profit in 2009. The fashion group’s turnover rose 7% on the previous year to €11.084 bn. Profits rose 5%, reaching the buoyant total of €1.314 bn.
The company’s foreign sales rose last year, accounting for 68% of turnover. Asia contributed most to the total, at 12.2% of sales, compared to 10.5% the previous year.
Last year, Inditex made a strong commitment to international growth, finishing the year with 343 openings, 98% of which were outside Spain, and mainly in Europe and Asia. On the Old Continent, growth in countries like Russia, with 37 new shops, and Poland, with 34, was particularly strong.
In Asia, growth focused on three main markets: China with 41 new stores, South Korea with 12 and Japan with 10. At the close of 2009, the group had a total of 4,607 shops in 74 countries.
Inditex has 4,607 stores around the world, selling its eight different brands: Zara, Zara Home, OyshoMassimo DuttiPull and BearBershkaStradivarius and Uterqüe.

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