Hi everybody!. Today happy to introduce a new olive oil from Spain with a taste from heaven! So amazing good taste, so you notice the quality right away. This is for sure an olive oil for customers looking for the best. Today I actually had testing at home and from me and the rest who tested, this got 10 points. Cool!
I tried ROYAL in gold that it is an extra virgin olive oil,  a native variety of the region of the Sierra de Cazorla (Andalusia) and it is the only Royal with a protected designation of origin in the world. Only 5% of the world olive oil production is Royal variety. As well I had the pleasure to try PICUAL ORGANIC, an extra virgin olive oil,  full-bodied, green and with equal and well-balanced hints of bitterness and spiciness. It is an oil with an intense fruity flavor, with no flaws, and a slight taste of green apple, almond and fig. Hints of a leaf.
The oil is of course from Spain and is getting introduced in Sweden. I hope to see it in more place too…
For more info about the oil, ALEVOO 
Nice name too, isn´t it?