Indian Women in technical fields

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Well its my last week in Sweden and I am looking forward to going back to India . I miss not eating 1000 different types of tasty Indian snacks. So I even watched the  Sweden – England Football match . Well even though Sweden lost , we should be happy that they made it to  this level. It was so nice to see every one cheering for the team and enjoying it. In  fact even I watched the  match in my office with my teammates  and it was kind of a party.
Well today I want to talk about how Indian women are more more  inclined towards taking up technical job . In India there is a huge gap between the number of Women  and the number of men taking up Engineering and related fields . Now even though the trend is changing but still its not completed changed.. Also even men are changing their fields . Its surprising to see how many Indian men are quitting their jobs and taking up stand up comedy . Well I guess finally we are understanding that no job is ”better” or more prestigious its just what gives you happiness.
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#Shreya kohli