The meaning of wedding for an Indian women

Hey guys!

How are you ?I  am already tired by the week. When  is weekend going to be here !…. urgh ! All I need right now is   sleep. And the topic I am going to discuss today will be really loved by you . I know that for sure………….
Let’s talk about the Indian weddings.
Already feeling excited  thinking about the amazing energetical dance performances , the infinite types of food , the peppy music and off course the bride and the groom . Indian weddings are a complete package . Its like a complete vacation trip. So many rituals , So many events. For the women the wedding is a very important event. Its the time when they have to settle in her husband’s family. It is a completely new environment for her. In India the weddings are superbly lavish. Many gifts between the families are exchanged. The concept of ”Dowry” is very common in India. Even though dowry is banned but still some people with older values follow it . In my  view such a practise should be completely  abolish . Do you even think that we can progress with such a mindset? Our girls are strong and independent enough to live on their own . Women are no “gifts”  which are so be exchanged with something. Indian women nowadays are self driven . They know their values and take complete pride in who they are and what they are. This has caused a change in the Indian society . It is obvious that change is difficult to get but not impossible .
Talking of the lighter stuff. Indian weddings are amazing . Its like a life time experience. How many of you have actually ever attended 5-6 events for a single wedding. Its a treat to watch the super excited mother , the anxious and drilled father and the dancing cousins!
So yesss! You should surely attend an Indian wedding
–  Shreya kohli