The Indian women idealogy of a homemaker

Hello Guys!
Its so cold in Sweden now. I literally can’t believe that few weeks ago the weather was so hot . Everyone was chilling on the beaches and Enjoying the sun. Now its very cold yet again. Today I would want to talk about a very crucial and critical topic for the Indian culture. The concept of women being at home and dedicating their life for the family. Now for many years Indian women were only supposed to stay home and  take care of the family . What older people used to believe was that its only the wife who could bind the entire family together . She is the one who is supposed to cook food, nurture  the kids , provide them with good values etc etc.. In my opinion this kind of thinking was okay and acceptable  till the time  the women wanted their life to be dedicated in the household chores. But now the situation is changed . Women nowadays are willing to come out and work. Not just work for their families but also work for themselves and work for the society. They want to have their own independent standing . They want to earn for themselves and not just support their families by serving them but also earn for the families .  Indian Women now believes that it is possible to manage their family life with their professional life as well . you don’t have to choose as long as you know what you want to do. At the  same time I believe, its the women’s personal choice whether she wants to work or not. Nobody should force a women to do or to not do something. Its not even right to believe that home  staying women are less ambitious or less career oriented . Different  people have different priorities.
The best thing that we can do is not judge someone and let the women choose what she wants to do, what she wants to be !
okay! see you next time!
lots of love
Shreya kohli