Life of a working Indian woman

Hello Guys!
How are you? It’s been a while since I last blogged. I had gone to visit the close by countries of Sweden. It was a really fun trip. I flew down  to Eindhoven . From there we went for a road trip to many countries. The first place we went to was Amsterdam . Later we went to luxembourg and on our way back we took a halt at Liege.  It is such a beautiful place. On the next day we covered Cologne  and Dusseldorf in Germany. In Belgium we also drove down to Brussels and Brugge. And guess what guys, I enjoyed Indian food in Germany as well as Belgium . The Indian naan, dal makhani, paneer masala and Butter chicken . The places were extremely serene and beautiful. Since all holidays come to an end , so here I am back in Stockholm. In India the work culture is extremely different. Especially for women , they have to manage between their family and work. I would not say that its the women who are completely responsible for the upbringing of their families  but for them their families and their kids are most important. But for a modern Indian women, Career and work is equally crucial. To meet the deadlines, they multitask- getting up in the morning, pack their lunch , going to office , cooking dinner etc. Indian women is surely a super women.
The social status of Indian women has been changing from ancient to Modern periods. Due to many social reforms more and more  women are coming up and raising their voices against injustice and fighting for their rights!
Well , I believe women across the globe  work very hard to make things happen . So lets just say we owe one to our moms, grandmoms, sisters , aunts.I will be back with more stuff soon!
See  ya!
Written and edited by Shreya kohli
Pictures by Shreya Kohli