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Indian Food – Diverse History

Hello guys! I am really very excited today. Its my first blog here and I really feel connected with you guys. Today I will be talking more about Indian food and its Importance and history.I hope you like it!
India offers a large variety of appetizers , dishes, snacks, side dishes and desserts which are all different in different states of India .Indian food is very closely related to the country’s traditions and religious values .Even though there are a few common dishes across the country but still the flavor of the dishes varies from house to house .Women according to their taste and family ideas cook food accordingly .This actually changes the taste of the entire dish .Majority of Indian appetizers are actually made up of potatoes combined with different types and kinds of spices .There is Old Delhi were old Indian snacks which people in early years used to eat are available. For example the Samosa or the aloo ki tikki was extremely famous even during the British Raj. It is very interesting to see that even after so much modernisation and development the concept of dabbawalas still exist in india. It is like a tiffin service in which home cooked food is given and send to people/ employees/workers far away from their homes. Thiis kind of business is driving today because for Indian workers eating homemade food is very important
. It is very commonly said in there that wherever you go, you finally come back home and come back to the Indian food cooked by your mom at home.
That’s it for today guys
see you tomorrow

Catch the heart through the Indian food!

Hello guys
I am Shreya here again!
How are you? I guess all the Swedish people who read this blog are enjoying the super duper hot weather over here! Well today I want to talk about Indian women and what food means to them. Unlike many other countries, in India mostly all the family members have food together at home cooked by their mothers. As it is seen in Sweden the trend of the whole family sitting together and eating a home-cooked meal does not really exist but this doesn’t happen in India. Talking about Indian food ,Indian food is all about spices and flavor and it is quite a thing to observe that Indian spices blend with almost everything -be it pizza or pasta or lasagna e,verything has an Indian touch to it .Talking about an Indian meal ,it consists of breads ,a dry vegetable with salad and rice with a crispy bread which is known as “papad”. After the food we have a sweet thing which is known as “sauf”.It acts like a freshner .Indian dishes are really bright and colorful .The best thing about Indian dishes is that everything is made from scratch. In older times Indian women used to beat Mirchis and make powder spice out of them. It is really flavorful and natural .Also Indian food is accompanied by condiments like a achar and chatni which act as an enhancer to the taste .Indian food is actually not about filling your belly with something but it’s rather enjoying eating every bite as you take. Many people from outside India believe that Indian food is spicy . It is not actually spicy but it’s flavorful .So guys that’s it for today. I hope you find something interesting to read in this and the coming blogs .Okay bye!
good night!
See Ya!!

Hot in Stockholm and a new collaborator in Sol nu

Hej från Bromma, hemma i Stockholm! Hur är läget?. Dessa dagar känner mig glad och varm som solen!
Vilket väder! Inget skulle tro att vi är i det kalla landet i Skandinavien
Snärt blir det SOL NU + HÄR istället på riktigt! 🙂

Oavsett väder,  idag vill jag presentera Er en ny medarbetare på SOLNU som har jobbat i många år världen runt för IKEA mm
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Rune Johannesson
För ni som inte vet, vi på SOLNU förmedlar ett brett urval av italienska hus och lägenheter från olika regioner. Vi tar bort osäkerheten i urvals och köpprocessen genom att erbjuda ett komplett service paket från A till Z, ända till påskrivet kontrakt och inflyttning.
Detta gör vi genom:
att välja ut de bästa Italienska mäklarna med bredaste urvalen och med bästa renommé. Våra urvalda Italien mäklare har lokal kännedom, talar engelska samt är experter på att hjälpa kunderna i processen
att annonsera ett exempel av objekt från olika priskategorier och från alla regioner
att visa en lista på olika objekt samt med mäklarnas direktlänkar
På detta sätt kan Ni som söker bostad i solen välja mellan olika objekt i olika regioner och känna sig trygg och omhändertagen hela vägen i processen.
SolNu har gjort processen enkel för kunden.
Kontakta gärna Rune för mer information om hur det går till:
Ha en bra dag! Vi ses imorgon

Namaste Stockholm Festival guys
So this weekend I went to Namaste Stockholm Festival .It was very nice. I was very surprised to see the number of people who had come to witness the event. The show started at around 8 in the morning with yoga classes and it went up to 11 p.m. with Hindi music DJ .The night was like a lottery day for all the Indian people in Stockholm .Everybody was dancing, singing and enjoying. Also the weather was perfect for such an occasion.I was amazed to see that it was not just Indian people who were there but also Swedish, Italian ,Spanish people from all over were there to enjoy the beautiful dance performances happening in that Festival .I also ate from mini food trucks which provided with Indian food and Indian snack .The dance performances included Indian classical dance kathak and other dances from various states of India .Also we witness that there was a fusion of Indian dance along with a Hollywood song- shape of you .With young ladies and boys dancing it was truly an amazing sight to see .Also the cultural performance ended with performers holding JAI HIND posters in their hand .It was so totally a patriotic moment .I managed to eat some Indian Delicacies. The food stalls were overcrowded and their food was finished Way Before Time. It just shows the number of people who turned up for the evening. The dance performances were organized by many dance groups who provide training to children and adults. You can look at some of the pictures which I have shared in this blog Also I decided to do something fun in the Fest .You can surely look up in the YouTube link I have shared .

So guys, see you next time when I was talking more about Indian women and some other aspects
so bye and goodnight!

El Agua y La Ley de atraccion

Hola amigos!. En esta ocasión la colaboradora y reportera de Miss Lopez, Isabel Castillo (Hola isabel!!!! desde Estocolmo!!!)
ella desde Los Estados Unidos, USA, Florida, Isabel Castillo es ponente hoy en el canal de Ley de Atraccion y Abundancia con Cristobal Amo con un tema muy interesante. De como la esencia del agua cambia con la actitud con la que nos dirijamos a ella, por lo cual concluimos que si programamos al agua en estado de benevolencia y nos la bebemos, esto va a ser beneficioso para nuestros objetivos tambien. Piensa que estamos formados de agua en materia gran parte de nuestro cuerpo, por lo cual si bebemos agua “bendecida” por decirlo así 🙂 vamos a estar en linea con la Ley de atraccion tambien.
Interesante, positivo y muy refrescante seguro!

Indian Namaste festival

Namaste festival i Kungsträdgården

Namaste festival i Kungsträdgården

Miss Lopez with Shreya at Namaste festival in Kungsträdgården

Hola. Que tal?. Que dia de calor en Estocolmo!. Hoy he visto a mi bloguera invitada de India, que se llama Shreya, una joven encantadora. Gracias a alla hemos aumentado nuestros seguidores de la India 🙂 Nos vimos en el festival de la India que se llama Namaste. Lleno de calor y gente encantadora con olores de comida hindu deliciosa.
Aqui os paso el video que acabamos de hacer. Espero que os guste!

Indian dresses ! Goodness Gracious!!

#feelgood womwnhood
Hi guys I’m back again and today in my blog I’m going to be talking about the best aspects of Indian clothing .Last time I had talked about what actually comprises of Indian clothes, today it’s going to be more about its importance .For  different occasions there  are different kinds of Indian clothes which are worn for example if there’s a wedding it’s not just a wedding it means there are going to be many Ceremonies .
For every ceremony there are different kinds of clothes with generally women wear depending upon their closeness to the bride or the groom(yes seriously!) . The Indian clothing emerged  from the time when India was ruled by Kings and Queens .The Queens also known as the Rani used to wear elaborate dresses which were  embroidered with gold .They used to wear heavy jewelry  along with it. As we know that India was ruled by the rulers of two different religions – one was the Rajputs and other was the Mughals. The kind of dressing for the rajputs and the mughals were very different to one another .Afterwards as  India developed the clothing changed according to the needs of the religion and culture .It is quite a thing to know how India progressed and how women clothes changed over the period of time . Earlier Indian hand woven  silk  clothing was famous all over the world .Many rulers from all over the world  used to come to India and buy hand-woven clothing material for the princess and queens. Indian  clothes were not just about culture and religion but also they have a kind of royalty in them .So I think whatever I said must have  shared  mush have really tempted you to buy an Indian dress  .You can always shop online and see some of the clothes for yourself .Well  talking about my experience today  in Sweden . Today I decided to go on a City Tour all by myself .So I went do the city and got down at Hotorget  station and  from there I walked  for like some 10 kilometers for about an hour.  I went to gamla stan   and it was so pretty to see the beach .People were just enjoying the weather here.It is so beautiful now and then I managed to just get lost in some random street but oh my God it was so beautiful. I could  see how Swedish people are enjoying the weather right now . Everybody is out in their shorts and in their skirts and sunbathing themselves .It’s  just so pretty.
Alright  guys , I am quite sleepy now . Well tomorrow I plan to roam around the Tekniska area and I plan to do a video soon.See you tomorrow!Goodnight !

Sari for the party! (in India)

Hello  guys This is Shreya from India blogging from Stockholm doing my training in Miss Lopez blog & Feelgood Womanhood NGO. There has been a technical problem with the blog and my boss 🙂 Isabel Lopez has to republish it so here is it!
It’s been two weeks in Sweden now! You know what the first thing that comes into my mind when I compare Swedish people or Swedish women with Indian women is the way they  dress up over there and the way they dress up over here. Everybody is born beautiful but the Indian woman’s beauty is glorified with the beautiful and traditional jewelry and attire that she wears.
People from all over the world come to India to buy jewelry and handcrafted clothes . Indian women are a   symbol of Elegance and Beauty in simplicity. Referring to the collage of all the beautiful women in my life, it is clear that it’s just not a piece of clothes that they’re wearing but rather they are emotionally attached to it.   In India we have various kinds of Market where you can find ethnic and cultural clothes. There are places like “Khadi India”– which is based on the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi The Man Behind India’s freedom and it’s a government organization. Also if you would have seen in the photographs it is very much evident that it’s not just the clothes that they’re wearing but also the kind of elaborate jewelries that is accompanied with them. India has been called as the Golden Bird and truly when we look at all the Indian women they kind of personify it. You   know what , whatever thing that comes to India leave the same way. I always goes with an Indian touch. How many of you have heard about the indo-western attire that is so famous nowadays. And oh guys do you know , there’s this Namaste Fest which is happening in Sweden where you will find all the kinds of Indian dance forms and ladies dressed in Indian attire dancing and just enjoying I’ll be going there too .I hope to see you there. Also if you plan to go to India well you can surely message me and I’ll help you out with from where to shop and what to buy!
So guys I think you got a gist of Indian Women and their Dressing.See you soon!

Comunícate con tu doble cuántico todos los días

Spanish/ Bueno hoy realmente no he dormido muy bien 🙂 y me siento cansada por diferentes razones y por ello con más ganas todavía de contaros como comunicaros con nuestro doble cuántico. Aquí os cuento como de forma sencilla:
Basado en el desdoblamientos del tiempo del fisico cuantico  Jean Pierre Garnier
Que sepais que de alguna manera estamos en continua comunicacion con nuestro doble cuantico (o superior/espiritual me gusta llamarlo) pero que debido a diversos factores, en especial a nuestras creencias limitantes, etc… o EGO (que en realidad es el miedo) esta comunicación es peor durante el dia y se deja libre durante la noche de forma mas fácil de ahi la importancia de ir a dormir bien.
De noche, iros a dormir en estado de benevolencia, de querer hacer el bien, con tranquilidad. Por ello es bueno quitar el stress, las malas noticias y las preocupaciones etc…Muy bueno por supuesto meditar para llegar a este estado.Seguro que ya sabeis alguna manera de relajarse etc…
Aconsejable ir hidratado a la cama para favorecer la relacion entre nuestros dobles, el fisico y el cuantico.
En el minuto antes de dormir, visualizar nuestra pregunta o deseo indicando donde estamos y quienes somos. La peticion siempre se ha de hacer sin perjuicio a terceros o esperando algo mejor, por lo cual con total desapego del resultado.  Dejar actuar a nuestro doble cuantico libremente, sino se puede producir el bloqueo, de ahi la ansiedad como bloqueo. Go with the flow!
La comunicion se produce o no (debido a las leyes cuanticas y de la probabilidad) pero es aconsejable pedir al menos que nos limpie de los posibles potenciales negativos que hemos creado durante el dia con nuestro ego, los pensamientos negativos.
Mi consejo es que tomeis notas al despertar y que sepais que todo esto sigue la ley de la probabilidad pudiendose hacerse ese intercambio de informacion entre nuestros dobles pero se dice que nuestro doble cuantico suele actuar y darnos una respuesta en un plazo de 40 dias. Sea lo que sea siempre se van a crear los mejores potenciales futuros aunque no sea lo que habiamos pedido al principio. Luego tranquilo amigos y amigas, podeis empezar a ver las sincronicidades, mas tarde o mas temprano. De esta manera influimos nuestro futuro creando nuestro mejor potencial posible ya que en realidad no estamos determinados.Tenemos un gran poder a traves de nuestros pensamientos que son energia que como toda energia ni se crea ni se destruye sino que se transforma. (Einstein)
Y luego que sepais que durante el dia es importante cuidar nuestro dialogo interno o pensamientos segun la ley “no pienses en hacer a tu projimo lo que no te gustaria que tu projimo pensara en hacerte a ti” y la tercera forma que yo entiendo debido a las aperturas temporales de tiempo imperceptible es desarrollar nuestra intuicion en contacto directo con la fuente de energia universal…el Universo gracias a nuestro “doble cuantico”.
Segun el cientifico si todos los habitantes del planeta tierra pensaran en estado de benevolencia todo el dia durante 40 dias seguidos desaparecerían todas las guerras del mundo! Pues a pensad segun la ley!! Ahora para crear un mundo mejor ya!
Mucha suerte y crea tu mejor futuro!

Till startsidan