law of attraction & abundance broadcasting

Welcome again to Ley de atraccion y abundancia YouTube channel this 3rd of April at 12:30 Swedish time.
Beautiful picture isn´t it? Inspiring too…I love it!

English/ This Tuesday we are broadcasting again at “Ley de atracción y abundancia” YouTube channel in Spanish at 12:30 this 3 of April. This popular channel is about the well known Law of attraction and here you may subscribe to this channel to get tips every day about to get a better life, not just good but better and better as Cristobal Amo used to say in his videos, Myself I am very interested in this matter and I happy to give my contribution together with Maria Sadholm from Saldholms academy and the founder of this channel Cristobal Amo. Just remmember to write your question in the chat or send me to
I look forward to hearing from you soon while broadcasting.
Check this video about this Law. I think it´s good!