Arndt´s sales academy

English/ First of all I would like to thank Liza Brentmar for inviting me today I was invited to a breakfast networking meeting at No19 in T Centralen Stockholm. Arndt´s networking is actually one of the most popular one in Stockholm and this is my first time attending…interesting!. In these days of digitalization, still networking is one of the best ways to make business, probably the best one method and always be!. Nothing like human contact, isn´t it? 🙂
By the way decoration at No18 (adlink) is to die for! (almost), so amazing!. I really love it! Actually my working place for networkings too but in Stureplan. Check the pictures my dears…

I used to work in sales in Spain before and I do have lot of respect for this proffesion…but yes there are good and less good sales people. Actually we sell all the time one way or the other without knowing. It is a lot about mental enpowerment and I think it´s great!
There I had the change to pitch my concept about Real Estate in Spain & BUY2RENT, I mean (adlink)

Perfect breakfast to start a full booked business meeting day, isn´t it?

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