Breakfast about planet future

English/ Have you ever thought the meaning of now? The now is gone right away to the past breaking out for a new future on an on…Is the now having a future?. 🙂
Last night I could not sleep that well but still I think it was worth it to wake up early for a breakfast seminar at No18 lounge in central station in Stockholm. It has been an inspiring talk where the speaker and trend-spotter, Johnny Sundin of “Tankefabriken” took us on a thought provoking journey to life in the future, a survey of the exciting frontier between the present and the future, between analogue and virtual realities, nano technologies and cosmic perspectives. Fun and spiring at the same time and that moment lived all day.
Actually I realy love these topics! Real fun for me!
Nice breakfast at No18 lounge actually!
Think how many pleople live their lives hoping for the sun (in Scandinavia)to come…why not going to the sun instead? 🙂
I am thrilled! Soon will be at Älvsjö fair in my own stand. Welcome to VH 04:10 B at Senior Älvsjö Fair in Stockholm tillsammans med trädgårdsmässan på torsdag…I look forward my near future NOW!
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