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Tapas, Healthy Sallad & Zara shopping in A Coruña

sallad in a coruña restaurant, el huerto
healthy sallad in a coruña

calamares a la romana by miss lopez
calamares a la romana tapas by miss lopez

Still in La Coruña. These days it´s raining and I like it too. I think it would be boring “good” weather all days…and you?
While in A Coruña there two good things I love to do. Becoming my tradition overtime I´m here…One it´s going Tapas runda all the way Estrella street with plenty of tapas bars everywhere. It´s worth visiting while you’re here. But before tapas I have had my lunch and the starter was this sallad, mediterranean style, very healthy and I love it!
Mediterranean sallad and then Tapas! of course…
I love Calamares a la romana with some lemon. This is actually a very well known tapa that you can ask for in almost every tapas bar.
And then going shopping in the many Zara shops you can find in A Coruña, where Zara started for the first time. I am so happy I found My Chokers I was looking for and so trendy for this coming fall. Nice to find so much fashion for affordable price, isn´t it?
Here some chokers I found in Zara shop.
choker in zara
choker in zara

Chokers coming this fall
choker in zara shop
choker in zara shop

Some more days in A Coruña and then flight to Madrid in my way to Stockholm again. Still I have some days left so I let you know…
I really enjoy having my traditions and feeling I have two homes, both in Sweden and Spain. By the way, would you like me to give some tips for you thinking of a property in Spain? Click HERE Sol NUso I´ll let you know very soon!

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