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more Feelgood Womanhood with the help of Charlotte Hågård, Madame Blanche, Maria Forssén & more

Back to blogging again after a busy working week…with a mission: to share the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood with the help of excellence women

here with job coucher Charlotte Hågård…

and venture up the talent in YOU!!! 🙂 Let´s start the FCW Club here in Stockholm as well, originally from New York!!
*(FCW=”fucking” COOL women´s club!!!)

Men are not excluded…here a missing picture of a blooging mingel at Undici the other day. Fun, isn´t it? 🙂 will you guys joint us too?

Here in my business meeting of today getting all the details for my next Miss Lopez marketing event in colaboration with Miss Lopez PARTNERS Maria Forssén from Shenet & SO Stockolmm & Eva from Madame Blanche. More news about it coming very soon…
Viva Miss Lopez marketig & PR PLAN!!!
Viva Feelgood Womanhood with the help of Miss Lopez friends!!!! Coool!!

Blog party & delicious Italian Campari Mojito at Undici in Östermalm

Viva Italian touch in Stockholm…Miss Lopez in a blog & media party at Undici with sponsors like D & G, Peroni, Campari, Maggio…cool!

Here with photograph & journalist Tibor Barany drinking Campari mojito

Delicious Italian & cheese! I love it! 🙂

Event host at Undici

Italian sponsors…Cool! 😉

Bartender at Undici with Italian look…

Here the Campari mojito…

Viva blog parties to share the feelgood news!

By he way I am working with my new next event at SO Stockholm on the 14th of November…Are you ready for a new Miss Lopez event?

Viva Miss Lopez events & sponsors!!! Hasta la vista!

Venture up the talent in you!

Today at a mingel in SO Stockholm…

Here with Madame Blanche at SHENET mingling & getting ready for a new successful event together. Viva Miss Lopez partners! 🙂

Viva Miss Lopez & friends!

the seminar was about talent…do you know everybody has a special talent? 🙂 Yes!

You just have to work harder in what you really like! Here speaker Charlotte Hågård from Alla ha talang. Check it put!

Thanks to Maria from SO Stockholm, Shenet, Charlotte Hågård and one of her collaborators…Cool! We have had a great time…Viva business minglings!

I got her book as a present. I highly recomend i! How to venture up the talent in us, everybody…Let´s do it!
Thanks så much to Charlotte Hågård fot the book! 🙂
By the way really interesting evening getting to know new Miss Lopez sponsors!!!!! Nice!
Venture up the talent in you & Feelgood!
This is Feelgood Womanhood amigos!

Getting ready for new events with Madame Blanche & Miss Lopez sponsors at SO Stockholm

Hola! Me in a meeting with Matskaparna at SO Stockholm. look the delicious food I got!

This is a new food concept in Sweden so you can buy high quality already prepared food at stores…Cool! Thanks Andres for the globalkoket invitation.

here enjoying the food…and then business meeting to create a new event in cooperation with Madame Blanche, Maria Förssen fron Shenet & SO Stockholm and Miss Lopez sponsors to promote companies with the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood!!!

Viva Miss Lopez business & marketing strategies so Feelgood!!


Food & Spanish wines day at Grand Hotel

Hola! Viva days of Spanish wine & nice food! This time at Grand Hotel at an event by Spanska Viner & Food from Spain. Check it out! 

I really enjoy eating Jamon de Salamanca…Delicious!

Viva Jamon de Salamanca!

I love looking for new sponsors from Miss Lopez! Here with my friend Alma on the left. Viva Feelgood Womanhood!

Viva tasting!

organic olive oil too at the event! Do you know that you can be a goodfather for an olive tree too? Cool!

Miss Lopez & friends! 🙂

Here with Iniesta Bodegas. You know Iniesta the great Spanish football player? well his family own this wine production in Spain…Cool!

Well I think it has been a great day meeting new Spanish companies to make new business in Sweden!

Viva international business with Miss Lopez & Feelgood! This is FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD too!

Curves & Miss Lopez marketing campaign for succes!

Look what I have found at

Curves for success! Don´t you think? 🙂
So from now on I have started my Miss Lopez marketing plan to help companies with a bit of Feelgood Womanhood touch!! 
Coming very soon…Any question contact me at or +46 73 578 70 50
Viva Feelgood Womanhood to success & Feel good amigos! Viva women´s power!

Miss Lopez Agency: Ready to sell Spanish Revert fabrics to hotels & more in Sweden

Hola! Back to work in Sweden…I have just got Revert fabrics today directly to my office at Skeppargatan 41 in Östermalm, Stockholm. Check it out!

Here with Revert fabric samples in my back. I look forward to contact hotels…this is wholesale! 🙂 Viva Miss Lopez agency & decoration!

Cool to sell Spanish fabrics in Sweden…Worth buying…interested? Just send me an e mail to

But before opening the box with fabrics I went to the Hub…with people from all over the world.
Viva doing international business with Miss Lopez  & Feelgood!

"Men sana in corpore sano"Miss Lopez in 2200 years old Balneario de Archena, Roman Latin Spa in Murcia & more…

Before going to BALNEARIO DE ARCHENA to relax we went the whole team to eat a real paella…

to drink with agua de Valencia…I love it!

enjoying together a really good paella! Viva Miss Lopez team! 🙂 Miss Lopez, Conny & Mats from Media Effekt and here Raoul Beltran. Cheers!

I can´t live without a really good paella! 🙂 Then on our way to the Spa in Murcia, BALNEARIO DE ARCHENA. I can´t wait to tell you more!

Sorry my look! 🙂 Here me having a chocolate spa…such nice qualities & relaxing! Thanks so much to BALNEARIO DE ARCHENA!

worth coming to Murcia to enjoy a really good spa!! Viva Balneario de Archena! I felt so good afterwards too!

on our way home to Stockholm, in Alicante and the Spanish flag in our backs. Lovely city!

Here having Tapas with a view at Santa Barbara castle, ca 2300 years old…I love history!

Enjoy the good life & Feelgood!

and remmember! Men sana in corpore sano!!! in Latin!! 🙂


More Miss Lopez in Valencia, in the City of Arts & Science

Really cool Valencia! Here in the city of Arts & Science…worth visiting!

Here with Miss Lopez little yellow dress n a warm day in Valencia

while Miss Lopez shooting…among sharks and all kind of amazing fish…really worth visiting!

Have a look! so close! You can almost feel it!

Raul Beltran came too afterwards to be a part of the Miss Lopez TV production in Valencia…

The oceanografic museum! Viva being a part of Miss Lopez media team to report you all this!

Here me among the sharks!!
Feed your curiosity visiting nice museums like this & Feelgood!
Viva the human evolution so FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD

Till startsidan