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Thinking with the flow…and Miss Lopez new business ideas

Still in Stockholm…quite warm by the way

Here with Marie at Lisa på torget restaurant in Östermalm having a break storming about my new business idea: Miss Lopez massage!

Viva new ideas!

Here with one of my previous Miss Lopez staff for Miss Lopez cleaning at Home: Miss Lopez Städ

Here the other day close to my house thinking…

Then a  break during the day:  an American cars parade…

Miss Lopez & friends thinking about Miss Lopez catering as well. Here with Diana…

I can´t wait to start with my new ideas: Cleaning, Tapas and now Miss Lopez massage too! 

Would you like a Miss Lopez massage you too? 🙂 Viva Miss Lopez ideas & Feel good!


Romantic dinner at Beirut Cafe in Östermalm Stockholm with Lebanese food

Hi! Enjoying my last days in Stockholm before travelling to La Coruña in Galicia, Spain…Now having dinner at Beirut Cafe with Lebanese food!

Here Beirut Cafe restaurant at Engelbreksgatan 37 Stockholm.  Interesting in booking too? 🙂

You can feel the Mediterranean touch & taste…I love it! 🙂

It reminds me of the taste of Spanish food & tapas…Cool!

It really looks like Tapas! I feel like eating tapas again soon!

Me seving myself…don´t you think food is love? 🙂

The result: Happy with my romantic & secret dinner! 🙂

Enjoy the best of life & Feelgood! By the way, Thanks so much to BEIRUT CAFE restaurant for the invitation! Gracias!

Have a nice dinner too so FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD!

Homemade Miss López pizza to Feel good and looking for new enployees for Miss Lopez städ & management!

Still working summer in Stockholm Sweden before going to Spain later on…and you know, I love homemade pizza! Look what I have been doing this weekend!

A so happy Miss Lopez  getting ready for my home pizza! Not only Tapas! 🙂

On my way to eat a delicious pizza! All home made! Thanks so much I got some help too!

Just all fresh food!

And Miss Lopez sallad too! Don´t you like it? with apple!! An apple a day keeps the doctor away! 🙂

And here the result! Delicious Miss Lopez Pizza! I love it! Don´t you love homemade pizza? It feels so healthy!

And after a nice meal, back on track in my recruitment job for Miss Lopez Cleaning at Home or MISS LOPEZ STÄD in Swedish…

Here as applicant for Miss Lopez Städ & Management all the way from Australia! We´re growing…Cool!

Live a healthy lifesyle & work so Feelgood!

Viva Miss Lopez working project! & FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD

Getting ready for my next Tapas event as a chef

Hi! Really too much with my new life right now at Lidingö but I miss blogging! Here I am again…and tomorrow I start my new collaboration…I have just been booked for a Tapas course as a chef. Cool!

Here me happy waiting for tomorrow!

Check more about WOW EVENTS1 & Feelgood!

I look forward to and I´ll tell you more tomorrow! Have a nice time!

Miss Lopez & my Latin friends everywhere…Sweden too!

Lots of Spanish speakers everywhere! and in Sweden too…Here with my Cuban friends! 🙂

Such a huge community, the Latins (as Spanish is a Latin language, if you didn´t know)  in Sweden too…Spain & whole Central, South America…Cool! By the way, the other day I´ve learnt how to make the typical Cuban dish, frijoles con arroz…Nice to stick together! 🙂

And talking about origins…I miss La Coruña where I was born…soon there too. Check this to find out about my hometown:

Hasta la vista babies! Stick together & Feelgood!

This is Feelgood Womanhood with a Latin touch, don´t you think so?

Miss Lopez discovery of the day: Mango Cheesecake! I love it!

Yes! Today still in the capital of Scandinavia I discover  Mango Cheese cake as it was the first time for me and I love it! 🙂

This is Miss Lopez discovery of the day! Lovely! Here comes a You Tube video I think it´s good about how to make a delicious one… I promise I am going to try it myself…the sooner the better! 🙂

On my way to my discovery 🙂 here at the City Hall in Stockholm with a friend…

Me and my friend…on our way to the delicious discovery…I didn´t know mango cheese would exist 🙂 This is Feelgood Womanhood too!

I am so curious but I hope curiosity won´t kill the cat 🙂 This is the spirit of entrepreneurship!!

Viva Miss Lopez cooking tips & discoveries so Feelgood amigos!

Miss Lopez cooking summer tips: a different Spanish gazpacho!

Try new ways of having gazpacho! Why not a Spanish gazpacho by Miss Lopez? Perfect for the summer! I love it easy! Let´s do it! 🙂

This is a different gazpacho…why not!
You need two cans piquillo peppers, one of soft cheese and a liter of chicken soup.
1. Grind peppers, cheese and broth. Strain and season.
2. Boil the mixture for a second and serve with slices of Parmesan cheese.
3. Another side dish: grilled shrimp. Why not? 🙂
Try a different Spanish gazpacho & Feelgood!
See you soon amigos!

Miss Lopez fashion summer tips: mini shorts in the city

Now in the summer I feel lazy even to blogg, don´t you but I´ll tell what I think it´s the best way to wear mini shorts in the city, so cool!…Check American Ashley Tisdale wearing them so nice! I love her style! 🙂

Mini shorts, loose shirt and flats shoes, in this case even with boots and it works! Don´t you like it?
I promise I´ll be back soon with more summer tips by Miss Lopez…
Viva Fashion tips & Feelgood!

Styling by Make up by Ida, one of Miss Lopez mingling models

Hola! Long time no see! 🙂 Lots things to do these days in Stockholm… 🙂 My pilot project continues again after vacation this time in Alicante, Spain at La Tomatina party in August! Stay tuned with Miss Lopez. Cool!
Well today  have had the pleasure of being styled by one of my nice mingling models, Ida Tuovinen in Stockholm. Check it out!

 A bit of make up to make me feel even better!

Here Ida…Miss Lopez mingling model & make up artist…Would you like to be styled by her! Check Make up by Ida…By the way she is in the Miss Universe contest in Sweden right now & more. I wish you good luck! See more

Here Miss Lopez while being styled by Ida. Thanks! Gracias!

I love th result, don´t you?

 Wouldn´t be nice having make up events together too by Miss Lopez?

Have a nice day & Feelgood!