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Miss Lopez, star actress for a day in my own Miss Lopez TV pilot coming soon

So cool being a star for a day…in my own film project!! Miss Lopez pilot coming soon: Tapas, Football & Spanish lifestyle…so Nice!

Here playing football with a sweet Swedish boy!  & Viva Spanish football! 🙂

Here with Miss Lopez team: Media Effekt production team, Conny & Mats such a proff team!

Miss Lopez waking up in the first scene…Ready to eat Spanish Tapas and work as a blogger! 🙂

Here with Miss Lopez TV pilot team: Media Effekt, Donald Boström & extras…getting ready for a new scene at the HUB Stockholm

Here with Miss Lopez TV pilot extras…the one on the right has been in Mister Sweden competition among the fisrt ten most handsome man in Sweden! Thanks to the sweet girl as well!

Viva Miss Lopez extras! 🙂

Gettin ready! Action! 🙂

So cool being an actress! I love it!

More news about Miss Lopez TV pilot! Viva sharing the feelgood news! And today Spanish Paella!

This is FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD too Amigos! 

Many things going on and in a few hours Miss Lopez TV pilot: Viva Miss Lopez Media Group!

Here my script in collaboration with Media Effekt. Interesting! Viva LOPEZ SCRIPT! 🙂

Me reading my script…to get done in a few hours…Thanks so much Conny & Mats from Media Effekt and Swedish journalist Donald Boström. GRACIAS! Viva Miss Lopez Media Group! Cool!

Not only that…people moving in and me out…from my apartment. Nice girl from Hungary! I got Hungarian “paprika” peppar from her as a present. Thanks!

Meanwhile still working with my company for cleaning MISS LOPEZ STÄD & EVENTS with Tapas. Viva Miss Lopez tapas! Here empanadas from Colombia from friends. Thanks by Miss Lopez!

Keep your fingers crossed for Miss Lopez & FEELGOOD!

Viva Miss Lopez business and FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD

Miss Lopez in the making of a Swedish magazine reportage about GI healthy Tapas with Miss Lopez & company!

Hola amigos! Today I spent almost all day in the making of a reportage about GI Tapas with Miss Lopez & guest where I am the hostess…

Here me outside the house of my friend Kerstin. Her boy friend work for Media Effekt in a Miss Lopez TV projekt too. Cool!

Cool to be a hostess in a Swedish reportage about GI Tapas with Miss Lopez! I love it!

Here with Spotify in this lovely apartment in Vasastan, Stockholm! So cute!

With journalist Eva Littorin…cooking healthy Tapas of course!

Thank you so much to the journalists & my friends for helping me to make such a giving reportage about GI Tapas with Miss Lopez or in other words healthy Tapas!



Miss Lopez visiting again Gamla Munk Bron Cafe in Stockholm´s Old town

I used to be a regular client at Gamla Munk Bron Cafe…so I went by today…again.

I love old town´s coffes. See more about GAMLA MUNK BRON CAFE

Here with the owner…A nice place to meet Miss Lopez? 🙂

Viva nice meeting points to meet nice people & Feelgood!

and tomorrow more Feelgood Womanhood news coming soon…So excited! 🙂

Sweet dreams by Miss Lopez with my new sponsor of silk blanket & pillows, Bomby of Sweden. Nice!

Hello! Look what I have just got from BOMBY OF SWEDEN. My new blanket & pillow made of silk! I love it! 🙂

So happy with my new blanket…here at my office at Östermalm, Stockholm. My next picture is on my bed with BOMBY OF SWEDEN 🙂

Made of pure mulberry  silk,  the perfect alternative to dun, and thermal regulating…more info at BOMBY OF SWEDEN. Nothing like a good sleep! 
I´ll tell why I really like them, my new blanket & pillow:
Natural and Sustainable
* Has been used for thousands of years
* All without chemicals and bleaches
* Handcrafted in the traditional, handcrafted ways
* No unethical animal handling
* Strong and durable ie. environmentally friendly and cost effective
* Do not need wash, which in itself helps the environment
* Breathable. Nice!
* Naturally thermal regulating
I think all these is FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD too! don´t you agree? In order to make us feel good!
Viva sweet dreams and sleeping the natural way with bedding made of silk! More info at BOMBY OF SWEDEN. Let me know!
Hasta la vista!

Healthy GI Miss Lopez tapas coming soon…time to fit in your new bikini & have fun

Hello! Time to fit again in your new bikini? I love this Brazilian one from label Agua de Coco from DONDOCA. Check it out!

So I am working hard in my new concept healthy GI Miss Lopez tapas coming soon…events, catering, magazine reportage, pilot…so many things going on….so cool!

Don´t you think is great to make a healthy version of Spanish tapas with Miss Lopez? I do! I am working on it!!! Please stay tuned…

and Miss Lopez sangria…a healthier version…Viva Miss Lopez sangria! 🙂
But do not forget life is about finding balance so once in a while a bit of healthy sweet won´t hurt! Like this one, “tres leches” from Peru at Latino Deli at Södermalm, Stockholm.

So delicious…Tres leches sweet and a new drink for me called Chica from the Incas!
Viva healthy lifestyle!
Viva Healthy MISS LOPEZ  TAPAS åt alla! (in Swedish), para todo el mundo! TAPAS for everybody! 🙂

A new Spanish fabric collection in different colors has just arrived…

Hola! 🙂 Long time no see…well I am happy introducing you the new 2012 fabric collection from REVERT, the Spanish label I sell in Sweden mostly to shops & retailers…I show you the pictures I have just got. I hope you like them…really nice quality! Any questions send me an e mail to Cool!

Like this one in natural colors…I love it!

I must say I am a bit classy sometimes but I love it too! 🙂 I look forward to decorating my house…I really like these colors too, don´t you?

This in violet…I must confess one of my favourite colors…Viva Miss Lopez confessions! 🙂

This in green colors…the color of hope. Nice!

and finally I share with you my last picture for the moment…
Classy & high quality fabric to make you feel good at home!! and last forever!!!!
Viva high quality fabrics! Viva feeling good at home!
Any questions send me an e mail to

Miss Lopez at Colombia´s ambassador private residence

What a great mingling at the private residence of the Colombia´s ambassador…

What a great reception at the private residence of the Colombia´s ambassador…Viva the first Iberoamerican festival in Stockholm!

Check my pictures at this mingel with latin touch…

Here with people from Chile & Spain from Instituto Cervantes Cool!

and the winner is…nice picture!

here with Latino Deli

Thank you for the invitation!

Viva the first Iberoamerican festival in Stockholm!

Hasta la vista! by Miss Lopez


Great tapas cooking course with Miss Lopez

such a great group…here learning how to make tapas…lovely!

So happy with one of the participants at Miss Lopez Tapas event…here with me the winner of three hours home cleaning for free from MISS LOPEZ STÄD. Cool!

Viva Miss Lopez Tapas event & Feelgood!


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