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Welcome to Miss Lopez summer party at Villa Pauli on the 6th of June at 5 pm. WHITE DRESS CODE!


So happy to invite you all to my new event!
Miss Lopez, in cooperation with Villa Pauli invite you to an exclusive “Miss Lopez Ibiza after-beach party”. Cool! 😉
Come and enjoy the Villa Pauli’s exclusive mansion in Djursholm at Strandvägen 19, from 5 pm to 10 pm this 6th of June:
The Ibiza’s hottest hits played by DJ Andrew Puchero!
Go-go dancers!
Welcome drink at the entrance!
Flamenco music…and much more! By the way you may win a exclusive spa weekend in Spain too! Nice! 🙂
Dress code WHITE
RSVP by June 4 to or
Facebook invitation:
And tapas tasting too…at Villa Pauli´s bar! Delicious! 🙂

Enjoy Tapas med Miss Lopez you too…wanna see me cooking a Spanish paella? 🙂

Here me enjoying delicious Spanish tapas today in Stockholm! Nice!

Enjoy with me Spanish Tapas & the party at Villa Pauli & Feelgood!



Wellcome to Villa Pauli on the 6th of June. Free entrance for Miss Lopez readers . Bienvenidos!

Hello! Today I went to Villa Pauli to check the details for my new coming event on the 6th of June. Come you too: Viva Miss Lopez summer party at Villa Pauli! Cool!

Coming to the Villa Pauli mamsion…Lovely place!

Me taking notes…

I have the pleasure to invite you as Miss Lopez reader to my next event at Villa Pauli. See more:

Free entrance, soft flamenco dancing, Ibiza DJ, dancers, mingling models, tapas tasting & sangria…and you can win a free luxury spa weekend in Spain!!!!!!!!! Cool!

Come you to to Villa Pauli on the 6th of June at 5pm & Feelgood!!!

FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD forever amigos & amigas!


First Ibero & Latin American Festival in Stockholm starting on the 1st of June at Instituto Cervantes

Hola amigos! The other day I pass by for a meeting at Instituto Cervantes in Stockholm and look what I have found out! The first Latin American festival starting on the first of June at Instituto Cervantes…Check the information!
So many countries… and Spain too. This festival in Stockholm is about culture, film, food, lifestyle…all the good things about Latin culture, don´t you think?, and  so many Latin Embassies are collaborating together… Viva! 🙂
Have a look at Miss Lopez outside Instituto Cervantes in Stockholm…soon there as well. Are you coming too?

 Nice flag! 🙂 Well now all people in Stockholm during the first of June to the 21 st are wellcome to this special event. Cool!
By the way all the events are for free too!
More info:
and here too…
Wellcome to the fisrt Ibero & Latin American cultural Festival in Stockholm & Feelgood!
FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!!! with a Spanish & Latin touch!

Follow me on just started Miss Lopez TV

Hello! I have not told you but I have some media projects going on…
One of them the just new startad Miss Lopez TV on You Tube by Media Holm…And this is just the beginning! Have a look!

Let me know what you think…
And here some pictures of another pilot TV project with Media Effekt & more…Let you know more another day! 🙂
Meanwhile enjoy the pictures!

Here today at the Hub with Spotify…Cool!

Here Spotify with Conny from production company Media Effekt. Isn´t it real love? 🙂
I love media, don´t you?
Spread the news & Feelgood!
FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD with Miss Lopez News! 🙂

More Miss Lopez in Madrid…flamenco, tapas & nice lifestyle before my way back to Stockholm Sweden again

Really room service at HOTEL MENINAS close to Queen Isabel square in Madrid

I went ot see really good flamenco at Corral de la Moreria in Madrid…really nice!

Then I have had lovely tapas for dinner.  Here jamon serrano, I love it! So delicious…

Then tortilla tapas at Corral de la moreria Madrid…

Here in Corral de la Moreria Madrid, flamenco tablao world famous with pictures on my back from Marlon Brando, Demi Moore…:)

Then lovely breakfast in the morning at HOTEL MENINAS. Lots of fruit & more…

Sweets at HOTEL MENINAS breakfast…and churros of course. I love them! 🙂

Here with one of the managers outside Hotel Meninas. Thanks so much for a great stay in this lovely hotel!
Check more about HOTEL MENINAS in Madrid & Feelgood!

Miss Lopez in Madrid…Matador dresses & more. Viva San Isidro!

I went to visit my uncle Antonio Lopez owner of the best matador dresses house in the world in La Puerta del Sol. Dresses made of gold. Check more here FERMIN Cool!

Here at my uncle´s business and one of the staff…really popular place full of famous people…sometimes, cool

All the matador dresses are taylor made and really expensive & high quality…really busy these days at San Isidro Feria

Here at FERMIN with my uncle on my right and El Juli matador manager all posing… 🙂

Then I went to El Retiro park in Madrid to get a boat. Nice!

Then I came too late but here you have at least the picture of Las Ventas bull plaza…
Worth visiting…!
Viva Madrid & Feelgood! Check more here TURISMOMADRID and let me know!

Miss Lopez in Madrid: Cibeles, Neptuno, Royal Palace, Queen Isabel square & Puerta del Sol! & Hotel Meninas!

Hola! Back to Sweden from wonderfull Madrid, I love it! 🙂

Neptuno statue on my back. Viva Madrid at night!

Sunny Madrid…Here in la Plaza de Queen Isabel close to my hotel in the historical Madrid…

I really love my suite at Hotel Las Meninas

I show you my room. Don´t you like it too?

Here at the Royal Palace in Madrid and one person without head… 🙂

Here outside Almudena church in Madrid…so big!

Here in my way to Plaza Mayor in a really old plaza…like in the really old days in Spain.

La Plaza Mayor in Madrid…really nice!

Here in 0 km in Madrid: La Puerta del Sol! So much fun!
Ok I´ll be back soon with more news from Madrid!
Wanna more info about Madrid? Check this: TURISMOMADRID & Feelgood!
I really loved being in Madrid! Hasta pronto amigos! 🙂

On my way to Madrid to eat Spanish tapas soon…and stay at Hotel Meninas, Miss Lopez sponsor

Yes my Dear friends! Soon on my way to Madrid to eat the famous Spanish tapas! In a few hours in Madrid…

On my way to Madrid in order to bring you the best tapas ever! Cool to be updated in the land of tapas, Spain! 🙂
By the way check about destination,  Madrid!

I am going to spend the night at Miss Lopez sponsor: Hotel MENINAS in Madrid in La Plaza de Reina Isabel close to Opera really nice area. Here me a few months ago at Hotel Meninas. I love jacuzzi, don´t you? . Let´s have a jacuzzi bath again this time! 🙂

so my mission this time in Madrid in getting updating about the fascinating Tapas culture in Spain like last time I was there last year…me here in a Tapas bar in Madrid… To offer you the best tapas event ever!!! Interested? Send me an e mail to  Let´s have tapas together! 🙂

But soon I´ll be back again to Sweden to work more with my projects Miss Lopez Städ, cool clean homes to everybody! :), Miss Lopez popular Tapas events…and coming soon on the 6th of June…

Miss Lopez summer Ibiza after beach party at Villa Pauli in Djursholm Stokholm at 5pm to 10 pm. Here come my invitation to you all:

Miss Lopez, in cooperation with Villa Pauli invite you to an exclusive“Miss Lopez Ibiza after-beach party”
Come and enjoy the Villa Pauli’s exclusive villa in Djursholm in the most glamorous party:
The Ibiza’s hottest hits played by DJ Andrew Puchero!
Go-go dancers!
Welcome drink at the entrance!
Dress code WHITE
RSVP by June 4 to
See my last post about Villa Pauli & Feelgood!:
By the way as they say in Madrid ” De Madrid al cielo”…From Madrid to heaven…
See you from Madrid soon & Feelgood!!! so FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!!!

Miss Lopez Sunday brunch at Villa Pauli, Djursholm Stockholm & summer party coming soon…

Hello! This Sunday I went to have a fantastic brunch at a fantastic mansion:  VILLA PAULI in the exclusive Djursholm in Stockholm. Have a look of this fantastic sunny day in Sweden!…

Coming in… What a beautiful day to spend in such a great location!

A big closer to my lovely Sunday brunch…I can´t wait! 🙂

At the mail entrance of Villa Pauli…

Really lovely place to have Big celebration & events…and soon on the 6th of June, Miss Lopez Ibiza summer party at Villa Pauli! Cool! Are you coming too?

The Sunday´s brunch waiting…What a great idea having brunch in this beautiful place! Don´t you agree? `Cause we´re worth it!

Really lots of choises… I love it! 🙂

My brunch…sweet & salty as a really good brunch should be! I love this tradition on Sundays! Wanna link with me to Villa Pauli´s brunch? 🙂 Delicious!

On the table…

Here  a friend having brunch together with more friends of mine…Vivan los amigos! 🙂

And so many desserts to enjoy…I love them all!
Then it was time to have our planned business meeting at Villa Pauli about the details our next event Miss Lopez summer after beach party at Villa Pauli…Viva business meetings at Villa Pauli! &

And then afterwards, do not get me wrong…Time for little siesta 🙂 at Villa Pauli´s hotel room! Great idea to spend siesta & the night at Villa Pauli too!

Then visiting the Spanish inspired Bar & Restaurant at Villa Pauli. Perfect for TAPAS always and at our next event there too: Are you coming too to our party at Villa Pauli on the 6th of June? Coool! You´ll enjoy Tapas & Sangria too with Miss Lopez!!!

And as the event is called, Ibiza Summer after beach party…Let´s have a bath at this jacuzzi too!!! 🙂 Viva Villa Pauli´s summer after beach party on the 6th of June! I look forward to it! Come you too…
Viva Villa Pauli to enjoy GREAT times too! 
Viva having brunch & Miss Lopez events at Villa Pauli! & FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD forever!

Big fun having my Miss Lopez Tapas event…

Now the Tapas event season has started…so let´s have fun together! 🙂 Today it was great having another one of my tapas event with a new group. Have a look!

Here me in Miss Lopez colours and two of the participants. Nice!

Here Miss Lopez assistant Ernesto who has just came from Miami USA a few days ago, now tasting Miss Lopez tapas…Let´s see which group at the event is the best! Fun!

One of the participants having a Pantumaca…Tasty!

Here delicious Pantumaca made by one of the groups in the event…I love them all!

Here one proud winner of the best Ensaladilla Rusa. Viva Spanish Tapas!!! 🙂

And the winner of one bottle of already made Spanish Sangria sponsored by Prime Wine Group is… 🙂

And another one too… 🙂

And the good thing as well  is that meanwhile we are having fun together you may have your house cleaned by MISS LOPEZ STÄD too & Feelgood! Like I do! Isn´t it GREAT?  Here one of the Miss Lopez Städ staff cleaning my house…
Interested you too ? Now you can get 6 hours cleaning for free if you participate in this new facebook contest. Check it out!
Life is too short to not have fun! Viva Miss Lopez events & Feelgood! Interested in having your event with Miss Lopez? Send me an e mail to   COOL!
Viva FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD! I am going to sleep well tonight… 🙂