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Miss Lopez Swedish Valborg with friends at Saltsjöbadet, Solsidan

Big party time in Sweden amigos! The beginning of the good weather in Scandinavia is here! Viva Valborg! 🙂
I went with friends to a party in one of the most exclusive areas in Stockholm: Saltsjöbadet, SOLSIDAN!

Here me at Solsidan. What a view!

I got this delicious canape. By the way I have made new contacts for my Tapas events & more too! Awesome! This party was mixed with business as well!

Valborg is here to celebrate! Soon were are going to start the barbecue! let´s have a look!

I love barbecue party don´t you?

And then a fire to celebrate the beginning of this magical new season coming to Sweden! This is a typical Valborg fire for those to know about Swedish traditions. Nice
Well I love this party as I had great fun and I have made new business contacts for Miss Lopez ideas! Viva being entrepreneur! I love it!
By the way talking about business a new Eniro campaign is on: and a new BIG party is coming on the 6th of June at Villa Pauli. Stay tuned and I´ll let you know!
Mix Love & Business and Feelgood! This is FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD too!

Tapas con Miss Lopez en Estocolmo!

Hola amigos after being in Sanhamn his weekend…Now time for Tapas con Miss Lopez in Stockholm! Check yesterday´s event!

Here my Dear friend Angela wearing a apron from Spain…Muchas Gracias Angela!
The thing is I had the same Spanish wine Protocolo Tempranillo from other evens as well. Like in this one a few week ago:

Really nice wine I must say! Read more about this quality wine perfect for sangria in this link:

We had ensaladilla ensaladilla rusa as one of the tapas…I love it cold!

And during the event we had a lottery: 3 hours home cleaning for free! This is Life too & FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD! 🙂 Viva Miss Lopez Städ
And today is a BIG party in Sweden for the very beginning of the good weather nd a new season. Time to celebrate Valborg! 🙂
Let`s see my plan for tonight…Stay tuned with Miss Lopez and find out!
See you soon babies! Hasta la vista!

On my way to Sandhamn island in Stockholm: water, boats & good food

On my way to Sadhamn from Slussen…this weekend

Here the hotel where I live this weekend

Sandhamn hotel…days to enjoy!

clams. I love them! and more seafood at Sandhamn hotel restaurant for dinner

Me after breakfast and then going for a walk. I am so happy about the results from, DEFINE salon the other day. Soon coming back…See more

What an ice cream! To celebrate!

And them salmon for luch! Viva Miss Lopez lunch!
Viva enjoying life! & Feelgood Womanhood…
And tomorrow, Tapas event with Miss Lopez again!

Days of fun & tapas coming soon…private & companies kick off too.

I went to La Cucaracha Bar & Restaurant to talk about business & tapas…Here me there.

The idea of Miss Lopez & Tapas is working! Why not having tapas everywhere? 🙂 By the way I feel so good after my beauty treatment at DEFINE salon in Stockholm.

Maybe Tapas party at La Cucaracha as well one day…Would you like it?
Whatever I am happy to introduce my tapas of fun idea with Miss Lopez for companies & kick off too. Interested as a company in having  a Tapas event? Call Miss Lopez 🙂 or send me an e mail to
Soon my tapas course at Skeppargatan 41, Östermalm too.
Viva Tapas con Miss Lopez & Feelgood! 
Viva Feelgood Womanhood

Instituto Cervantes seminar about the first Inter Spanish speaker countries festival in Stockholm coming soon…

Hola! Yesterday Tuesday evening I went to a seminar in Instituto Cervantes in Stockholm about the cultural & economic situation in all the Hispanic countries, from Spain to the whole Central & South America. Here the expert in the matter speaking…and the director of Instituto Cervantes as well.

In the crowd many Ambassadors as well…

The thing is it´s gonna be a GRANDE Hispanic cultural festival in Stockholm at the beginning of June organized by most of the Hispanic Embassies from Spain to Argentina and many more…
I feel soon I should have a special link for those interested in learning Spanish too…
I must say having Spanish as common language makes a strong connection betwen countries & their people…Cool! 🙂
And you are you coming to the first  “Festival de Culturas Iberoamericas en Estocolmo” too? Come with Miss Lopez & Feelgood!
Viva Feelgood Womanhood with a Latin touch!

Miss Lopez beauty tips: a better body at Define salon in Stockholm

Hello again! Nice to be back to blogging after an amazing beauty treatment at DEFINE salon, Skönhet & Hälsa in Stockholm…I show you!

Here one of the most advanced method for body sculpting, fat reduction, muscle definition developing and cellulite reduction. Cool! Check more about this effective treatment hereThis treatment is so effective you may only need a few times to see great results! 🙂

Here Mou born in Bangladesh but living in Sweden since one year old. I really like her as she is such an entrepreneur with a degree in economy that now wants to help as much people as she can to feel better with their bodies in & out. Thanks Mou! This is FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD! 
By the way, are you also interested in boking a treatment?…Make your BOOKING here!  And remmember as Miss Lopez follower & reader you´ll get 50% OFF discount in your first treatment. Isn´t it nice? Viva Miss Lopez code! 🙂 I am happy for that too!

Here more about the treatment! Check DEFINE site too! So are you looking for an improvement in your body sculpting, fat reduction, muscle definition developing or  cellulite treatment in Stockholm, you know where to go! 🙂  I must say I love it and it feels really good afterwards!  I think it´s very important to feel good with your body & soul. I used to say as The Romans 2000 years ago in Latin “ Men Sana in Corpore Sano” something like healthy mind in a healthy body…body & soul in harmony for ever!

Here me happy with lovely Mou & her treatment. By the way she told me too she loves Madrid very much as me…I miss now my family from Madrid and I am 50% Madrilian ´cause my father. Cool! Here me with my TOUS bag. I love it too!
Well Thanks Mou so much for the treatment and I´ll be back very soon…Next week already, so stay tuned Miss Lopez friends and Feelgood!
Interested in having a treatment 50% OFF with Miss Lopez code? Call Mou at +46 705177199 or send her an e mail to
Love is sharing the GOOD news! Viva Miss Lopez News!
Viva Feelgood Womanhood! 

Spring Cleaning & decoration tips for your bedroom with Miss Lopez!

Hi amigos & amigas! I am so happy a new Miss Lopez cleaning ad campaign is coming again in Stockholm, Sweden to make Stockholmers  life a bit better now Spring is coming…Here me in some picture I did a while ago for Miss Lopez Städ! I hope you´ll like them! 🙂

Two Miss Lopez better than one ready to help! Fun! 🙂 Well you may know I have my own company in cleaning in Sweden…

But not only that… in this new campaign at Eniro Deals you may get cleaning at home AND decoration tips for your bedroom…or dining room with fabric and bedspreads from REVERT from Spain, France & Italy though the main office is in Spain, Valencia. Check some pictures from REVERT decoration. Really good quality & classic I must say…

I love fabrics from REVERT…Here a fabric serie call Casino.

One bedspread more…from REVERT

Another picture with Revert fabric. Interested in fabric & bedspreads? Send me an e mail to

Well I do think is a good combination: a clean house & decoration tips for your home by Miss Lopez! Don´t you think so?

And remmember your house is your own castle, so make the best of it & Feelgood! More News with Miss Lopez coming soon…

Viva good lifestyle for alla! This is FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD too!

El Clasico, Real Madrid-Barca at home with friends

Spanish football & Tapas weekend! 🙂 By Miss Lopez

Food & football night…couldn´t be better! 🙂

Here with of my oldest friend we both from Spain in Sweden and mom to model Natacha Peyre. Now married to a Chilean-Swedish man.

Here watching El Clasico, footall match Real Madrid-El Barca de Barcelona. Real Madrid won!

Here calamares a la Romana, one of my favourite tapas. It was great to meet my old Spanish & South American friends in Sweden so now we can do great Spanish Tapas events together. Cool!

But before meeting my friends I went to a SSES seminar for Start Ups, Start Up day at Debaser Medis in Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm. This entrepreneur from Japan talked about the importance of doing your passion your business…and I agree!

Fun, Tapas & Business, I love it! Don´t you? 🙂

Viva doing your passion your business & Feelgood amigos!!!!

FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD for ever! Hasta la vista by Miss Lopez!

Miss Lopez invitation: Bloger´s event at SO Stockholm Gallery on the 9th of May, 3 to 6 pm

Do you love blogging like me? 🙂 It makes me feel so goood! Check how full of joy I look like…

I do love blogging & social media. Well the thing is I are looking for blogers and people very active in social media for a new event on the 9th of May at SO Stockholm betwen 3 to 6 pm. And you are you coming too? Check this gallery in one of the most beautiful parts of Stockholm, Kungsträdgården!

You know I am working in this new social media concept advertisement, Soft Living at SO Stockholm where blogers, stylist & social media and companies meet. I think it´s great! The good thing for you as a blogger is that you may try new products all for free! Besides party & lovely goodie bags! Cool! Don´t you love it too? 🙂

Wellcome to my world of bloging & Feelgood! It´s all about sharing!! Check my invitation for blogers & media people: Bienvenidos! 🙂


Miss Lopez business meeting at Villa Pauli, Djursholm in Stockholm. Summer Party on the 6th of June…Stay tuned

Hola! Today I went to a business meeting at VILLA PAULI, a really nice mansion & event local & hotel at Djursholm. Here me at the entrance just before the meeting.

Nice day but still cold…in Stockholm

But when the sunny weather comes to Stockholm, something really cool is going to happen in this elegant place…Cool & Chic, Miss Lopez event in cooperation with Villa Pauli. I think it´s great!!!

I went with Miss Lopez marketing chief, Luisa Tapia, well I mean Miss Barcelona…together for ever

Here me going out after the interesting meeting with the manager dircector at VILLA  PAULI. So hpy with my new sponsor!!!!

Outside Villa Pauli you may find this view. Perfect for a Beach Party with Miss Lopez on the 6th of June! Are you coming too?

More mansions in the area…I love it!
So on the 6th June you are wellcome as Miss Lopez friend at MISS LOPEZ sumer party at Villa Pauli from 5pm. Bienvenidos!!
Viva Miss Lopez party & Feelgood!
Stay tuned for more news about Miss Lopez summer party at Djursholm! 🙂

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