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Introducing Protocolo Tempranillo nr 72189, a Spanish wine from Castilla perfect for Miss Lopez events!

Hi! amigos & amigas! So happy with my new sponsor so now I have the perfect wine for Miss Lopez events, PROTOCOLO  Tempranillo nr 72189 at Systembolaget in Sweden from my Dear Castilla & Madrid in Spain where I have been so many times and now in my events. Cool!
Info about the wine here in Swedish:

Perfect for wine tasting & sangria. It couldn´t be better!

Here a bartender from Argentina helping us to make a delicious sangria in one of my past event & kick off.  Good idea! Don´t you think so?

Here enjoying a really good one! I love it! 🙂
After all, what is life without a bit of laughter! 😀 This is FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD too!
Tomorrow another Miss Lopez event coming…aren´t you thrilled? I am and now even more that I have got the perfect wine for my events!
Viva Miss Lopez sponsors! Viva PROTOCOLO Tempranillo nr 72189 & Feelgood!

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