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Earth Hour! Miss Lopez with "Hora del Planeta" to save the world. Have you switched off the lights?

Earth hour has gone already 2012 but there will be more! I am thinking of selling my Miss Lopez t shirts for a good cause, Miss Lopez Foundation is coming… I like this idea from Spanish brand, Inditex from A Coruña where I am going this Monday. The thing is by buying one of their T shirts you are supporting as well WWF ONG for a better world against the climate change Check this PULL&BEAR ad 

Let´s save the world together!

Here mingling models with Miss Lopez t shirt at TOUS Stureplan.

Picture by Aida from MEDIAHOLM. In the picture mingling models and Beba in charge of their hair from BEBASHAIRANDBEAUTY at Östermalm, Stockholm. Thank you all! Gracias a todas!

While in TOUS & Miss Lopez mingling, MEDIAHOLM took another picture but this time of my shoes from Gianmarco Lorenzi by DONDOCA. Thank you so much Aida!

I know many of you love Miss  Lopez logo. So why not getting a Miss Lopez t shirt for a good cause like “La hora del planeta” or Earth hour & more?. I love it!

This is too FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD. Viva saving the world together & have fun! 🙂

All the way from Australia to be at Miss Lopez tapas cooking event with San Miguel 0.0 & more

Time to Miss Lopez tapas event again my friends! 🙂 So happy of having such a nice feeling with this new tapas group as well as a new follower all the way from Australia just came to join Miss Lopez group to work from Denmark & be at Miss Lopez tapas event at The Hub in Stockholm Sweden. This is the power of social media! Viva Miss Lopez internationally! WE  THINK  BIG!!!

Here just before all the guests came to the Hub, Stockholm

Check the perfect beer San Miguel 0,0 new in Sweden as well as delicioius Mahou negra and Protocolo Tempranillo red wine amazing for sangria. Nice!

Here me walking in the kitchen getting ready before the guest arrived. Excited!

Thanks to Spanish Embassy & Tour Spain for the goodie bags. Qué viva España! 🙂 Soon there at my place for a few days.

Tired but happy after travelling Danish Sabine that has been living in Australia and in the near future wants to work for Miss Lopez in Denmark. We are expanding! Don´t you think is great? I do! 🙂

Together! It´s like a dream comes true…Thanks for coming Sabine!

Here the amazingly nice group of my last tapas event at the Hub. I love them all! Really party spirit! This is Miss Lopez!

This group won the best made Spanish sangria. Congratulations & Felicidades! 😀

and of course tortilla & tapas!

Viva the spirit of Miss Lopez & FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD everywhere! Thank You everybody!

Be cool not cold & Feelgood! 🙂

Beba´s hair and Beauty in action

Before TOUS last Thursday night event there were the preparations with the models. Make up by Miss Barcelona and hair at Östermalm at Bebashairandbeauty.

Beba the hairdresser told me to say to the models not to wash their hain on the same day. Look how she does!

in action…

The results really nice! Thank you Beba so much!

This is FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD too! Viva women helping women! Cool!

Hasta la vista!

Successful TOUS & Miss Lopez event at Stureplan with mingling models and lots of Pongrácz Brut 7628

Here the amazing goodie bags by TOUS & Miss Lopez plus all the sponsors. Thanks!

Lots of amazing bubbel drink Pongrácz 7628 for all the guests! Cool!

Mingling models in Miss Lopez uniform! 🙂

Here with the great hairdresser Beba from Bebashairandbeauty

look at the hair! Beautiful! I must thank all the models too! Nice!

I love it! Pongrácz Brut 7628 

More models with Miss Lopez sponsor too, Beba from Bebas salong at Östermalm, Stockholm. Thank you Beba so much!

Here with Eva Littorin´s belts for a better gesture from HOLD ME

and me wearing all night DONDOCA shoes by Gianmarco Lorenzi. Believe it or not very comfortable! I love them!

See what a party! and the models on Miss Barcelona & Beba´s back with the goodie bags.

Yes I must say this new event in collaboration with Spanish jewelry brand TOUS & Miss Lopez has been really successful. Lots of people, bubbel, sponsors and the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood everywhere! And remmember use your code MISSLOPEZ to get 10 % discount at Tous Stureplan. Cool! 

Thank you so much my friends! I am touched! One kiss by Miss Lopez to you all! 🙂

New beer in Sweden coming soon: San Miguel 0,0. Perfect for Miss Lopez events too!

San Miguel 0,0  world famous Spanish beer now without alcohol. New in Sweden from the 1st of April.

Here me making a tortilla. I think it´s great to have a beer for my events too without alcohol specially if you drive a boat or a car. If you drive don´t drink you know!

And more events coming soon from Stureplan in Stockholm this week! Let´s get tuned with Miss Lopez news & Feelgood!

Viva Spanish San Miguel! Hasta la vista amigos!

Introducing Protocolo Spanish red wine for all Miss Lopez Tapas event!

Here having my Tapas events! 🙂 I really like this wine from the land of Castilla in Spain. I am so happy to have found the perfect wine for Miss Lopez tapas events! 

All my tapas events are going to be great having  this wine to make my sangria. Cool!

Check the information about this wonderful wine & Feelgood!

And tomorrow VIP Tous event & Miss Lopez at Stureplan with mingling models to and bubbel!  Pongracz Brut nummer 7628 at Systembolaget.

More news coming soon!

Viva Miss Lopez events with lots of love to you all & Feelgood!

Found by Miss Lopez: world´s first organic & carbon neutral company!

I am happy to introduce you my new sponsor: Found Organic!

I really like my new discovery: Found by Miss Lopez!  You may find it as well in different flavours. Cool! Check their page on Facebook:

This is the perfect healthy drink for my goodie bags. Viva Miss Lopez sponsors for my events!

I do love this drink. The idea  comes originally from Australia with different fruits & pommegranates from Turkey. Cool! Didn´t you know pommegranates is really good for your health? The idea is to improve people´s health & lifestyle in a bottle!. I love it! Perfect for Miss Lopez! 🙂

By th way, Found organic is world´s first organic and carbon neutral company! Viva founding health in a bottle! I think this is great, don´t you? Check their site: FOUNDORGANIC

Viva Miss Lopez sponsors & Feelgood!

Viva FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD more than ever! 🙂

Introducing Donal from Ireland working for Miss Lopez!

Here Donal O`Driscoll getting ready to work for Miss Lopez soon…

Here more of Donal… learning how to make a Spanish sangria 🙂

This experienced media  Irish man Donal O´Driscoll from ARCMEDIA has just moved to Sweden Stockholm. He has been living in New Zealand the last two years and he could have moved now to America as many of his friends have done with the European crisis and in the past...but no! he moved to Sweden and not just for the Swedish girls but to work for Miss Lopez too! Isn´t it cool? 🙂

As my company Miss Lopez is an advertisement plattform working with events & sponsors worldwide, I think it´s perfect having Donal as an international  consulting person. Besides he is so easy going and we have so much in common as he comes from Ireland and me from Galicia in the northwest of Spain…the green of the landscape, the Athantic ocean, the similar Celtic culture, our old history in common, the Catholic mentality, the hard working down to earth people, the emigrants abroad in the Americas & everywhere…and so many other good things.

Viva Nice guys working for Miss Lopez! This is Feelgood Womanhood too!

Viva sharing the FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD eveybody! 🙂

NOW introducing too for Miss Lopez events this amazing Spanish beer, MAHOU NEGRA. Very cool!

Thanks again to Miss Lopez sponsors! 🙂 Here this Spanish beer that has a surprisingly rich aroma with a perfect balance of roasted malt and coffee. Aroma of licorice, toast and caramel. You may serve well between 6 -7 ° C degrees. Mahou Negra began brewing in 1908 as a complement to Mahou’s stock range.
Mahou Negra can be ordered at Systembolagt nr 89981. Check yourself here:
By the way do you know dark beer has a lot of iron good for you? Once in a while I love it!
Drink in moderation & Feel good! 
Hasta la vista babies! More news coming tomorrow!

Introducing Protocolo Tempranillo nr 72189, a Spanish wine from Castilla perfect for Miss Lopez events!

Hi! amigos & amigas! So happy with my new sponsor so now I have the perfect wine for Miss Lopez events, PROTOCOLO  Tempranillo nr 72189 at Systembolaget in Sweden from my Dear Castilla & Madrid in Spain where I have been so many times and now in my events. Cool!
Info about the wine here in Swedish:

Perfect for wine tasting & sangria. It couldn´t be better!

Here a bartender from Argentina helping us to make a delicious sangria in one of my past event & kick off.  Good idea! Don´t you think so?

Here enjoying a really good one! I love it! 🙂
After all, what is life without a bit of laughter! 😀 This is FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD too!
Tomorrow another Miss Lopez event coming…aren´t you thrilled? I am and now even more that I have got the perfect wine for my events!
Viva Miss Lopez sponsors! Viva PROTOCOLO Tempranillo nr 72189 & Feelgood!

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