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Miss Barcelona-Healthy day in Stockholm

miss barcelona's healthy food

Miss Barcelona’s delicious “Jamón serrano”

Hola amigos, Miss Barcelona is back to share with you the highlights of my day. 🙂
To start the day full of energy and with some Spanish flavor from home, there is no better way than with “Jamón Serrano”( Spanish jam) sandwich for breakfast. It is super yummy and healthy.
I have to thank my dear friend Raquel for the present, every time I eat it my mind returns to Spain and I feel good. I really miss “Jamón Serrano”, it is one of my favorite Spanish foods. VIVA SPANISH FOOD!! 😉

miss barcelona at karolinska institutet

Sitting at the meeting with Innovation at Karolinska institute


And from healthy food to science, in the afternoon we had a very interesting meeting at Karolinkska Institute in Stockholm; with the innovation department in order to get their guidance regarding a project we are working at the moment at Miss Lopez. We will give you all the details in the future but it would have to do with women’s health and self confidence.
We are very excited about it and we will be asking for your help in order to develop this project. So stay connected to Miss Lopez for the best information, always, with a Latin touch. VIVA LATIN TOUCH!! 😉

Miss Lopez Help at Home now at Eniro Deals Stockholm

Hi! You know what? This is me, Miss Lopez in the picture. Don´t I look happy? 🙂 By the way picture by Katja Elmén.
How do you like the pictures?…Let me know!

Miss Lopez städ
miss lopez städ

As if you weren´t happy with one Miss Lopez, now you have two!!! 🙂 Aren´t you even happier?? Fun!

Viva Miss Lopez forever & feelgood with Miss Lopez Help at home! Check my new deal at Eniro Deals!

Hasta la vista babies with a cleaner home and nicer lifestyle together! Ciao!

By the way shoes by DONDOCA and jewelry by TOUS. Thanks for sponsoring Miss Lopez!

TED Conference…don´t regret regret, just keep going…

Hi! I miss TED Conferences, in fact I´ve been lucky to be in one of them… So today I´ve found out a new TED Conference is starting today at Performing Art center long beach in California but the one I share today is for a few month ago and I like it. I DO like the subject and I agree…
After all my favourite subject it´s been filosophy! Didn´t you know?
Viva the power of ideas & Feelgood! Everything is in our mind… 🙂
Enjoy this TED conference too so FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD

60 % more turnover after going to business course for women with Agneta Rythén Martin and Elisabeth Andersson Brinckmann

Interested in making a difference in your business? It may be true after you going to this course for business growth… in Swedish “AFFÄRSUTVECKLINGSPROGRAM   FÖR  KVINNOR   MED TILLVÄXTAMBITIONER” so if you are a woman from any land living in Sweden and an entrepreneur I think you should go…
Any question contact Agneta Rythén Martin at her mail or site or Elisabeth Andersson Brinckmann at or Something to look for if you´re a business woman! I think these Swedish women are “företags akuten”…in Swedish…I feel Swedish today… 🙂

affärsutvecklingsprogram för kvinnor med tillväxtambitioner

I have been at the great presentation they had at The Hub Stockholm. The results are: most of the participants get a 60 % more turnover in their businesses after this course. Isn´t it great? Don´t you feel like growing already? 🙂

affärsutvecklingsprogram för kvinnor med tillväxtambitionerHere Agneta Rythén Martin from AFEMA and Elisabeth Andersson Brinckmann from VILJALYSA at The Hub Stockholm

Well for sure Viva women with business ambitions in Sweden and all over the world!

FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!!! hasta la vista amigos & amigas! 😀

Interested in Miss World Sweden competition 2012? You can apply NOW!

Hello amigos & amigas! My friend Felicia Margineanu participant last year at Miss World Sweden 2011 told me  Miss World Sweden competition 2012 has just started so you Swedish beauty can already apply…Didn´t you know? 🙂 Are you the woman who wants to represent Sweden this year? or you may know someone who fit in this contest?
Apply here: or send your vote for your favourites here
Here Miss World logo… Who is gonna wear the crown? 🙂

Interested? 🙂
Let´s see who are the next Swedish beauty…
By the way about the Oscars last night…check these beauties with Spanish blood at the 84 th Oscar edition. Oscars with a Latin touch!
For sure they deserve a Miss title too, don´t you agree? 🙂 Penelope Cruz in a beautiful blue dress and Cameron Diaz in white, one of the most popular colours at the Oscars this year.  Nice!  love them!
Venture out the beauty in you, in & out and feelgood!
Viva the beauty of all women all over the world so FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD!
Hasta la vista! by MISS  LOPEZ 😀

Most Miss Lopez followers from Los Angeles, USA…Waiting for tonight…Let´s see the Oscars!

Hi! Miss Lopez here. Do you remmember this song? Waiting for tonight by J.Lo one of my favourites…I love it! 😉 Let´s dance together for something good happening…

I just have a look to my site visitors and still I can see Miss Lopez USA followers are nummer 1, Sweden come after. From here tonight in Sweden, Stockholm waiting for the tonight Oscars, I send you one little kiss! I´d love to be there now where most of Miss Lopez followers are: Los Angeles California… 🙂
Let´s see what happen at the Oscars. Interesting!
Viva Hollywood, Viva Feelgood Womanhood!

Miss Barcelona-Busy in Stockholm

Hola amigos, Miss Barcelona is back. There have been so many busy days this week at Miss Lopez, a lot of meetings and of course a lot of interesting events.
Here are some of the events that I have attended this week.


miss barcelona at foodisim

Vanja Franzén, Miss Barcelona and Miss Lopez


miss barcelona at foodisim

Vanjia giving the presentation

First a very nice business presentation form Foodism, this company has a very interesting way of brand your company and make a unique impression, trough food.
Sara Westerling and Vanja Franzén are two experts when it come to profile which flavor defines your company the best, and create a series of exclusive dishes to serve in your meetings and events; that your clients would not find anywhere else but in your company. Isn’t it interesting? I love food and I think it is a smart, tasteful and unique way to market your company. VIVA FOODISM!! 🙂

miss barcelona at cafe operaMiss Barcelona at Café Opera

The same day at night, FINEST, a Swedish blog community celebrated their blog award at Café Opera and Miss Lopez and I were of course invited. Fun presentations, good music and a lot of people gathered at the club on this occasion.
Finally on Thursday we were invited by the magazine Lifestyle Wellness to the presentation of Jungfruresor in Sweden.
It was a very fun afterwork, Jungfruresor’s specialty are Ladies trips all over the world. I love this concept because gives the opportunity to women that are single or simply want to go on a fun trip but can’t find a trip partner, to have fun and meet people in a safety environment. VIVA FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD!!


miss barcelona at villa pauli

Villa Pauli’s entrance


miss barcelona at villa pauli

Villa Pauli’s Spanish bar

The presentation was host at Villa Pauli, a fantastic mansion in Djursholm, Stockholm. Surrounded by gorgeous nature, hosting events in this place it’s literally like a fairy tale! VIVA GLAMOUR!! 😉
Stay connected to Miss Lopez for the best information, always, with a Latin touch. VIVA LATIN TOUCH!!

New pictures for Miss Lopez Cleaning at Home concept in Sweden

Don´t you have enough time to have your house cleaned the way you want it? Hello amigos & amigas! Miss Loez here…You know I am the managing director of Miss Lopez Städ too with Miss Lopez concept or should I say Miss Lopez help at home in Sweden for a better lifequality.

These are the new pictures to promote it by fotograph Katja Elmén. As you can see I seem very happy, don´t you think? Here you see me with Miss Lopez t shirt and shoes of DONDOCA by Gianmarco Lorenzi. Cool! 🙂

I hope you like these new pictures. Let me know! Interested in getting your house cleaned in Stockholm/ Sweden? Let me know and I´ll book a time for your with on of my cleaning ladies.

Viva good lifestyle for everybody (in Sweden) with more quality time! Viva VARDAGSLYX åt alla & Feelgood!

This is Feelgood Womanhood too! For the working woman!

Viva girl power with a new star!

You know in Spanish, Estrella means STAR!!! Here me having a look to the stars in the Swedish sky… 🙂

Beautiful! Isn´t it?
A new star was born in the Swedish “sky”, 🙂 I mean Duchess Estelle and the happy parents are Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel in Sweden. Somethig to celebrate…
Well the thing is Estelle is a Latin name, actually stella  means star!!!! A new star was born: CONGRATULATIONS!!
By the way this means another thing: more GIRL POWER in the world & the European monarchy. This is cool, isn´t it? For sure for a better world! and of course this is FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!!!!!! too…
The new royal star, Estella coming home at Haga… little but a big star already! Viva Duchess  Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary!
And the good thing about it is that, as we say in Spanish everybody has a star! Check my Swedish friend Mita Gustavsson I met today to plan my Tapas with Miss Lopez event at Sturegallerian. Here with her lovely dog.

Even the dog has a star, two in fact. Check the eyes! 🙂

Here me to the right with Mita Magnusson. She really helps people to feel good with the right food, balanced GI food to feel good! Check her site FOOD  FOR  LIFE. Together we have a new concept too for my Miss Lopez Tapas event: GI TAPAS! Good energy!
I do believe we all women can bring up the star inside us. Just follow the flow!
Venture up the inspiring star in You & Feelgood!

Food for Love with Miss Lopez: Lunch at Ristoranti Capri in Stockholm and GI food

Sorry, so busy as always but the thing I love blogging so sooner or later I´ll find my time to contact you…
Here me yesterday having lunch at Ristorante Capri in Stockholm. Nice! do you know they have  special offer now two for one?

Here me having lunch in the oldest restaurant i Sweden: Italian Restaurante Capri

I´ve just had a very healthy & tasty lunch at home from Food for Life. I feel so good after eating GI balanced food! By th way soon I am going to meet the founder to talk about GI Tapas. Isn´t it a great combination?

Viva food to enjoy life!

Viva Food for LOVE & Feelgood! FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!