Coolhunter: Haute couture by Miss Paulina

Ooo Lala, those are the first two words that come to my head when I go to the spreads of haute couture of my favorite magazine. Now for the ones who are not aware what is haute couture, here is a short explanation.
Haute couture is exclusive costum fitted clothes, made for an specific costumer and thats not all, only certain designer brands can have the privilege design and sell a haute couture dress. The price of this lovely pieces of art are not exactly wallet friendly, a simple haute couture dress can cost anywhere near 20000 USD and a more sofisticaded one can cost 700000 USD, if your are lucky you can score one of this lovely jaw dropping dresses half price if you have size 32 or 00 and your height is not less then 1,80 mt and of course you will need an invitation to a haute couture show in London, Paris or Milano, but hey! good news is that dreaming of one this dresses is free 🙂
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Miss Paulina