The spirit of Feelgood Womanhood with Demi Moore

Reading about Hollywood actress Demi Moore at Harper´s…Looking at the present with optimism, defined herself as a “fighter” and further explains what is for her to be free. “Nor stay in the past or think about the future, that is freedom. Do not worry  about what other people think of your own thoughts. Do not let you define your wounds. That is freedom, ” she concludes.
Demi Moore has been sincere in an interview for the press for the first time after her separation from Ashton Kutcher and talked about her feelings and insecurities.
Sure now she has to get over & feel better soon…She is a fighter!Always fight for your rights!
May the spirit of freedom of Feelgood Womanhood stay with Demi and all women!
Feelgood Womanhood!