Chocolate & Kings bun, a Spanish 2000 years old tradition from the Roman times

Hi! I am so amazed to find out today this tradition as we do now in Spain with the Kings bun come from the Roman times in Spain for about 2000 years ago!!! Cool! Still now!! and now in half of the world! Cool! 🙂
Well for sure perfect time to enjoy a warm chocolate. Here my chocolae the way we do it in Spain…
Here the Spanish way preaparation…Perfect with a delicious bun! 🙂
You need:
To prepare Chocolate Cup
The popular hot chocolate is no single formula… it is convenient to do so as follows: boil over low heat, and chopped chocolate as much as possible. We let it cover and add the milk slowly, stirring with a wooden spoon or a whisk until completely integrated, with a thickness you like. I like it thick like popular in Spain, and you? 🙂
Check a good Kings bun! As my mothers!  I love it!  really love these holidays!!!! Thanks mama! 🙂

Viva good traditions with a Latin touch & Feelgood! 🙂