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Mingel at SOStockholm when business & heart is the perfect combination

Hi! Today in a mingel I really loved as the content felt just right Feelgood Womanhood, when business & heart meet…at networking SHENET in Kungträdgården, Stockholm. You know Misslopez loves ART & BUSINESS! I do! 🙂 Viva the good combinations!

No mingel without champagne…

Here with Linda Nordfors from Konstbyrå. Linda Nordfors is a commercial artist who runs Sweden’s first arts agency, Reflection Company, Konstbyrå. Linda helps companies to build their brand through the arts.  She told to the public the importance of selling and why it can be a good combination to the artist. Business & Art to feelgood! and it works! I love it! 🙂

Here Linda Nordfors art to help companies branding…Good idea!

Here Camilla Naslund, design agent is also trend consultant at Promostyl. She is originally from the north of Sweden and she aim us to think differently to get your goals. I agree! She has big projects among Electrolux one of them…Think different and feel good! 🙂

Here Bridget Notlöf with me. She  started Livstycket 1992 and since then she has helped thousands of immigrant women to get into the Swedish society. Livstycket works with design of products and you can buy them at her office in Tensta and via She believes we can change the world for better by making a different and she does. Well done! A doer not a talker!!! Great!

Here with Maria Forsell owner & managing director at SHENET and SOStockholm. Thanks Maria! You´re  awesome!

You could see the Feelgood Womanhood spirit in these women…Viva SOStockholm´s platform & SHENET!!

So in a few words after todays mingel:

art & business together for a good cause & branding. It works! Viva art & business together!

make a different & change the world

and third, dare to think differently & get your goals!

Viva the FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD spirit and Feelgood forever! by Miss Lopez! 🙂

by the way even today I had on HOLDME. Check it out!


Miss Lopez´s favourites for San Valentine at TOUS. Say just my name and get 10% OFF

Hola amigos! I am so happy to inform you that from today all TOUS lovers at Stockholm´s shop in Stureplan will get 10 % OFF whatever you choose. This is cool! 🙂 JUST  SAY  MISSLOPEZ and the bear of your dreams will be yours for 10% less money…`Cause we worth it!!!  ONLY IN STOCKHOLM!!! Sweden… (Miss Lopez is very popular in Spain, USA & South America…so Sweden is coming…)
Check my favourites for SAN VALENTINE!! So romantic!! whatever single or not, time to celebrate LOVE!!! Viva el amor! Kiss…


So sweet! I really love TOUS. Don´t you? For the modern woman as we are…
Viva Miss Lopez tips! More news about my new cooperation with TOUS Sweden and Feelgood!
Just say the magig word at Stureplan shop: MISSLOPEZ!!! 🙂
By the way, about being international…check the post I got from the department of growth, Maud Olofsson in USA with Hillary Clinton to work together for women´s entrepreneurship! Viva business women and the modern woman as we are! so enjoy life even more!!!

From Barcelona Brandery fair: Miss Miranda is back with more fashion news

Fashion week in Barcelona: Brandery fair with lots of fashion news. Check journalist in Barcelona Miss Miranda´s pictures invited to the shows…Miss Lopez has been there just two years ago before I even had my blog and now Miss Miranda from Barcelona, Cool! 🙂
The last two pictures are from a private jet for the Brandery Fashion show  in which Miss Lopez´s blogger, Miss Miranda has been invited. A catwalk in an aeroplane from Madrid to Barcelona! Cool! Viva being a fashion journalist!

Brandery Custo Barcelona show starting

Custo Growing for chilren

More Brandery Growing…

Lots of people. Among the public right in front of Miss Miranda, Laporta to the right from Barcelona football club.  Viva el Barcelona! 🙂

A new fashion line for Custo, boys and girls: Custoline!! Custo Barcelona!

Custo, Replay, Veneno en la piel among other fashion brands…

Fashion in an aeroplane. Miss Miranda among the fashion journalists…

Thank you Miss Miranda! We hope to see you soon…

Viva being a fashion repporter & blogger! Nothing like it! 🙂


Spansih brand DESIGUAL at Barcelona Fashion show winter 2012-2013

It´s just been Barcelona fashion show. I got the tip and more pictures coming soon…
Meanwhile enjoy these ones from DESIGUAL at Barcelona Fashion Show for Winter 2012-2013. I hope you´ll love the cloths… I do 🙂
By the way, desigual in Spansih means being different not the same, like the others…
Be yourself & Feelgood!!! FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!!!

Miss Lopez´d like to teach Spanish in the coolest school in the world! Vittra in Sweden, Stockholm

You may know I used to teach Spansih in chools before…Wouldn´t be nice Miss Lopez teaching Spanish in the coolest school in the world according to a Spanish magazine? The school in question is VITTRA, so cool! 🙂 even a bit of help with their Spanish homework would be perfect!
Check some pictures of the school…
It really looks cool! and the interior designer is Rosan Bosch. I like it!

This school I know it´s totally bilingual but wouldn´t be nice being trilingual too? with Spansih of course!…& more
Viva the coolest teaching for a good school! I love it!
and you know knowledge is power so learn & Feelgood!
Viva Miss Lopez Business Ideas & FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!

Miss Lopez´s staff wearing T-shirt with my logo

Hi! First of all I´d like to thank to all people who applied to work as a cleaner for Miss Lopez´s company! It´s been hundreds of pleople…around 500 or more in Sweden…Amazing!
Really interesting starting my new business & concept Miss Lopez help at home in Sweden…I´ll rather tell you more about my BIG business ideas on the flow but meanwhile see me working even Saturdays…after last night wedding show  mingling at Grand Hotel…

In my way to visit a customer in Lidingö together with someone of my staff…

Miss Lopez staff wearing my logo. Do you like the T shirt? 🙂

Today…Miss Lopez staff working hard to make you Feelgood! 🙂 to focus in what really matters: quality time!

See it´s not just parties & minglings…it´s hard work starting up a company from just an idea…I love it! 🙂 More news coming soon!

Viva Miss Lopez idea! Viva good life quality for everybody! BRA LIVSTIL ÅT ALLA!!!


Manolo Blahnik shoes from Sex in the City in cooperation with Madame TOUS

Check new video about the new cooperation between Spanish TOUS & Manolo Blahnik (from Spain too) loved shoes by Carrie in Sex and the City. I remmember Madame TOUS in her visit to Stockholm at TOUS Stureplan. She has so much carisma!
Viva Feelgood Womanhood!

Miss López at wedding fair front row in Grand Hotel Stockholm

After a long working day with Miss Lopez business…more business & pleasure! 🙂

Here me wearing HOLD ME to feelgood… Thanks Eva Littorin!

Here stylist, make up artist…and hairdresser Bardá in the middle.

Here at the stand of luxury label & shoes DONDOCA. Thanks for the invitation and champagne! 🙂

The shoes by Italian Gianmarco Lorenzi at DONDOCA in Sweden

underwear for the big night…are you ready? 🙂

a wedding dress with lots of glamour…

Here a more classical wedding dress. Really nice!

Well I must say I have had a great time getting so much inspiration…For sure chocolate & champagne all over the place…with lots of goodie bags too!  By the way did I tell you I used to have a fashion shop with wedding dresses at Östermalm long time ago? You didn´t know, did you?

Having romantic thoughs now San Valentin is round the corner? Well the fair will be open all the weekend so you know where to go if you are in Stockholm: Gran Hotel wedding fair!

Viva having a great day at Gran Hotel! Viva romantic! Viva el amor y la dolce vita!! but all with BALANCE of course!

FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD amigos & amigas!

Miss Barcelona-Win amazing jewelry thanks to Cocoo

cocoo at miss lopez

Hola Amigos, Miss Barcelona is back to remain you about our competition in cooperation with Cocoo.
It can not be easier to win a fabulous piece of jewelry , here are the instruccions step by step:
1-Go to Cocoo’s website and pick one of the items that you like the most.
2-Sent us an e-mail to and tell us why do you like this piece, it is very important that you add the article number so we can recognize your favorite piece. You can also attach a picture with your e-mail.
Don’t forget that you can send us your comments in Swedish, English or Spanish, so there are no reasons to be shy, just take the computer and win. VIVA JEWELRY!! VIVA COCOO!! 😉
The winner will be publish next week and will win any item of Cocoo’s collection.
Remember that  if you don’t win, Cocco is so nice that will give 15% discount to all our readers when you use the discount code MISSLOPEZ in their webshop.
Stay connected to Miss Lopez for the best competitions, always, with a Latin touch. VIVA LATIN TOUCH!! 🙂

Miss Lopez at wedding shoes catwalk at Grand Hotel this Friday at 3:45 pm

Hola amigos!! Miss Lopez agan! Do you like La Dolce Vita? 🙂 Why not sometimes? In my case work & pleasure go together most of the time so I think this is really nice: to work with our passion!! 🙂 I do…
Happening this weekend in Stockholm: Bridal Fair January. The retailer & shop in Malmö Dondoca launches a whole new line of high heel wedding shoes from the Italian luxury shoes GianmarcoLorenzi. Cool! I´ve had the pleasure to meet them at Villa Pauli. By he way Swedish singer Carola wear these shoes too! Cool! 🙂
So tomorrow I am  invited to the Bridal Fair’s special screening for the press/ media in which their collections are part of  Stefan Wahlberg “Imagination and Madness – for love” and a show of a new underwear collection from Eve Debeaux.
It´s gonna be chic & cool tomorrow!
Time: Friday, January 27 at. 15:45. Location: Grand Hotel, Stockholm.  Check the shoes!!
Lovely shoes! This is chic & luxury…
Why we women love shoes so much? 🙂 The thing is shoes can change your whole look depending on their style. Don´t you agree?
Whatever I love them too! Viva love to shoes & Feelgood!