How to survive my Christmas this year: enjoy by Miss Lopez!

Hi Miss Lopez here in a picture this summer. Now Christmas right round the corner and I must admit I do feel very stress instead this Christmas spirit as I “should” they say, like today…well, Thank God I have my blog to express it to you. Cool! 🙂

I love studies you know so today IÂŽve read we human beings are much less rational than we think, even supposed very intelligent people…ThatÂŽs why IÂŽd love to share with you my conclusions to make you feel as everybody should feel this time of the year, and allways! 🙂

1. Analyze your expectations
Christmas is a family holiday so as Woody Allen would say,  family is the source of all neurosis… So experience what you are going through without placing huge demands on yourself or others. Take it easy baby…! Cool! 🙂
2. Accept what you feel. I agree!
One of the main pressures is when we think we must feel this Christmas spirit.  Must?? Try to trust that what  has to happen will happen, and deal with it as best you can. But allowing, not suppressing.
3. Recognize that stress is to Christmas what the cold snow. Be honest to yourself!
The thing is expectations always create pressure so allowing Christmas to be stressful, when you really are, paradoxically releases more energy than trying to be constantly trying to live that false joy. I do agree!
4. Take time for you!
In accepting your own needs, the community will become cooler and more willing to integrate.
5. Do not cram (unless you really want) 🙂
but keep in mind that if you drink or eat more, you’ll feel worse.
6. Christmas in crisis
You can use the crisis as an opportunity to improve your self-control and inner work, even when you feel you would never have chosen to be in these conditions.
7. Let the holidays be integrated into your life, your life on holiday
To summarize: do not try the holidays as a world apart from your life, but as a stage, with their pros and cons. Expectations create pressure but “if you treat the holiday as a part of your life, the pressure is reduced and you can enjoy them for what they are, rather than what they should be.”
My tips, be honest to yourself & Feelgood for the Nicest Christmas together! 🙂