Miss Lopez decoration tips: Soft & neutral tones in fabrics this Fall-Winter 2012

I hope youÂŽll like my new section with Miss Lopez tips. The thing is I am agent for REVERT and I wish to share it with you…in Sweden. This new season comes with soft tones, I love them too…Actually I love all colours!! 🙂  In fact there are two ‘good’ reasons for choosing the soft colors in textiles this fall and winter. First, they often help increase the feeling of warmth, so appealing in the cold months of November, December, January and February. Me living in Sweden…can you imagine? I need this feeling!! 🙂
Second, because they are tones which you  never get tired…compared to strong colours I mean.. So Yes soft colours to last for ever…
Check this picture from the company from Spain I represent in Sweden.

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Bythe way, Sweet Dreams by Miss Lopez to you!