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Today something red inside and gold to wish me luck! Just in case!

According the tradition something gold/yellow to get prosperity in the new year as well as red for happiness & success in everything you do…I am going to were something red & gold tonight. 🙂 And you? You never know if the tradition is 100 % right but just in case…As I´ve heard many times in Galician language “Eu non creo nas bruxas pero habelas hailas…” something like you don´t believe in witches but they exit anyway…Believe it or not we follow traditions and believes for some reason.
Check these proposals…By the way, a Chinese tradition too!
1-Chantelle 2-Passionata 3-Vanity Fair
And you do you have something red to wear tonight? 🙂
Here something gold…

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One more tip before the great night: smokey eyes. Will you dare?

Smokey eyes by Kim Kardashian

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Yes just one more tip before the night: smokey eyes! I couldn´t help blogging though I am too busy still with my project help at home in Sweden as it seems many people are in need of a bit help  at home. Interested you too? Go to my Facebook event:
So now focus on what´t important: have fun tomorrow with the nicest look! Why not trying smokey eyes? I really love the look! 🙂
See you probably soon, next 2012 & Happy New Year for everybody with more Feelgood Womanhood than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hasta Pronto amigos & amigas!

Miss Barcelona- Good bye 2011!

miss lopez & miss barcelona

Miss Lopez & Miss Barcelona at Urban Deli


miss lopez & miss barcelona at videofyme

Miss Barcelona & Miss Lopez

miss barcelona

Miss Barcelona at Sensetion White Amsterdam

miss barcelona

Celebrating our engagement at exclusive restaurant The Arch in Paris

Hola amigos, Miss Barcelona is back with some thoughts about 2011.
I don’t know if it happens to you, but when the year is close to its end; I always made a mental balance of everything that had happened to me during the year.
This year it is being good for me, it has had its ups and down as for everybody I guess, but the positives had been more than the negatives so that is what I want to take with me from 2011.
To start with, I got the opportunity to be part of Miss Lopez community and not only are some amazing projects on the way, but I have the opportunity to write to you my dears.
This is very important to me because even when we know what to do, sometimes we would maybe going into a rough path and the effect that read some lines that describe how we feel and give us some advice or tips it’s very comforting. That is why I love to write about not only amazing destinations and parties, but about real problems that we may have so others can feel comforted and understand. I particularly love to write for my dear businesswomen, so busy trying to balance their personal life and be at the top of their game at the same time. Keep on doing your best my friends, 2012 will be awesome for all of us if we keep on working hard and don’t give up. VIVA WORKING GIRLS!!!
On the personal I got engage on the summer, my lovely fiancée plan a trip to Paris and propose over the Seine on the Pont Neuf. I didn’t expect it so I was in shock and the only words that came out of my mouth were. OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, and he asked me again to be sure that was a yes. So we are now enjoying being engaged and making our relationship stronger every day. VIVA LOVE!!
They say if you don’t wipe a tear of happiness or sadness when you think on the year that is ending, then that year wasn’t worth living. I can tell you that I have done it; and I am sure that all of you had had a very worthy 2011. So Happy 2012!! I hope all your wishes come true and I wish you stay connected to Miss Lopez in 2012 also. VIVA 2012!!!

Miss Lopez tips to start 2012 with less stress! Are you vata, pitta or kapha? Find out!

Refreshining pictures from my vacation this last summer at home in Spain. I hope you´ll like them! 🙂

Me this summer in Playa de Bastiagueiro, Spain. My playa! 🙂

Nice view close to my house in Spain. Playa de Santa Cruz

A beautiful Hortensia flower in my home in Spain, like my mother´s name: Hortensia.


Hola again amigos! Today I am going to talk about wellness & health, a subject that I really like. After all it´s all about Feelgood Womanhood, don´t you agree? 🙂 For a less stressfull new year 2012 together!
I´ve found out that there are different ways to manage stress so it has to be you way…what it works for you may not for someone else. The thing we are different kind of people. Are you water, fire or earth in managing your stress?

So if you´re water according to this post I´ve read you´ll tend to have anxiety or insomnia, nuts may be good for you. In case you´re fire you´ll tend to get ulcers, then melon or cucumber will be good for you. Probably if you´re earth you´ll get easily depression then broccoli, eggplant will be good for you. Nice to know, don´t you think? 🙂
More healthy tips to start the new year I am going to follow as well: breathing better, sleeping more, and in the appropriate times, exercise, nutrition care from a perspective that includes schedules and cooking, awareness of the origin of food and even the emotional attitude while eating, cultivating gratitude for life, work detachment and inner contentment … and make ourselves responsibles to the individual characteristics so lisen to yourself! 🙂 What works for you does not necessarily work for me!. Maybe…Important as well: flow and adapt to circumstances. See the positive in it! 😀
Like it or not, life experiences and events includes pleasant, neutral and unpleasant things. So this is life! Knowing how to find the point of least resistance to the ungrateful is the key, whatever!!
Cést la vie!
This is life!
Así es la vida!
Sånt är livet!
Viva la filosofia & Feelgood! By the way my favourite subject as maybe some of you may guess! 🙂 Viva a less stress 2012 to everybody by Miss Lopez to you all!!
And now two more tips: interested in a body scanning to check how healthy you are? Send me an e mail to
Need less stress at home? A bit of help at home will be good! Check this: Miss Lopez Städ and my Facebook event to get help at home with a bit of cleaning and my new business concept:

Getting to the top! Picasso tower in Madrid has a new owner, Zara´s!

I know you love Zara, Spanish fashion brand from where I grow up in A Coruña, Spain and now biggest in the world. I love buying there as I always find something like this skirt from Zara for New Year´s Eve. Don´t you think is cool? 🙂
Well now Zara founder Amancio Ortega has bought this emblematic building in Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid 157 meters high. I´ve been around this building so many times that I can not help sharing with you this news. Kind of amazing when I still remmember this Zara company started for the first time with a little shop close to my house in A Coruña, Galicia Spain and look now!. This is being entrepreneurial don´t you agree? You can get a long way with a good idea…I really admire entrepreneurial people! Nice! Doers not talkers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure the world would be a better one with good entrepreneurial people & good ideas!
This is Picasso tower in Madrid. Next time you go by Madrid look at this!
Viva entrepreneurial people! Viva “llegar alto”, getting to the top as you deserve!
By the way as the most important is getting the right focus I have now this (my new business idea) for you living in Sweden, Stockholm. Wouldn´t be a good idea to use Miss Lopez Städ, help at home to focus in the most important?. I do believe so, don´t you? By the way check my new Facebook event: I hope see you there!
Hasta la vista babies and Feelgood!
Feelgood Womanhood

Miss Stena wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a very Prosperous New Year!!!!

Here is Me, Miss Stena! 🙂 in our own little Christmas Celebration! What is Christmas without a tree and gifts, right?! I hope you enjoyed your holidays as much as I did, with family and loved ones! 🙂

We ate a combination of Swedish and Filipino dishes! A lot of food!!! 🙂


Here’s Me again, December 25, sliding in the snow with my good friend! The snow finally showed up in the mountains! It was very cold but we had a lot of fun!!! It has been a tradition of ours to go here, ORSA GRÖNKLITT, every year to ski, slide, grill, and have fun in the SNOW!!! 🙂

Visit Sweden to take part of this experience!

And of course, continue supporting us in Miss Lopez in the upcoming years!

Let us all welcome 2012 with a BANG!!!! 🙂


Nice picture of the Swedish Royal family wishing us a prosperous New Year 2012!

Hi amigos! Photo by Look what I´ve found out on the Swedish Royal Family site. Nice picture from this last summar in Sweden. I like it! So refreshing! Here the whole Swedish Royal family with the King Gustav, the Queen Sylvia, Prince Philip, Princess Madeleine and Victoria with her Prince Daniel now expecting her first child soon.
Interested I guess for both my Swedish and very much as well for my non Swedish friends all over the world. Viva Miss Lopez international readers! 🙂
OK the countdown has started. Less time left to New Year´s Eve. From Miss Lopez too, we wish you a very Happy New Year 2012 too! For many years together!!! by Miss Lopez
Feliz Año Nuevo 2012! in Swedish Gott Nytt År 2012
Hasta Pronto Amigos! 🙂

Miss Lopez for New Year´s Eve: Tapas & pinchos with friends!

Hola amigos y amigas! Here come my tips to enjoy New Year´s Eve in a easy way with friends. Typical from Spain! Check it out!

Did you find it useful? Well you know, Spanish tapas & pinchos is much easier than you think and the most important is the good company you´re  eating with of course. This is tapas & pinchos: Spanish snacks while hanging out with friends. Cool! 🙂
Actually pincho means literally thorn or spike in Spanish and tapa, cap. Now you know! Interested in having a tapas course with Miss lopez? If that so send me an e mail to or and sms to +46 73 578 70 50 and I´ll give you more information.
Mera tips om Spanish tapas: and enjoy!!
Hasta la vista! 🙂

Miss Lopez News: Foundation Maribel in Los Angeles by J.Lo

Hello amigos! A few days left to leave 2011 and start a new year 2012 full of hope. I can´t wait to the new year to start with my new projects coming soon!. As we say in Spain, “año nuevo vida nueva” something like new year new life. Cool! 🙂  You know my real name at home in Spain is Maribel, (my mother still call me Maribel) like Maria Isabel but shorter in one word. Well today I got really surprised that there is a new Foundation, Maribel Foundation (cool name by the way 🙂 ) in Los Angeles run by J.Lo`s sister Linda Lopez with Jennifer Lopez. What a good idea! I do think! The goal of the Maribel foundation by Jennifer Lopez is the implementation of a telemedicine program at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles that allows physicians from all over the world to share diagnostic of patients. I love it! This is really cool!
Last October, the artist opened another similar center at Children’s Hospital in San Juan(Puerto Rico) and is expected soon that system also connected to the university pediatric hospital on the island, and to join the project to children’s clinical centers in other countries .

And you do you have good ideas to help people around you too?
Viva social entrepreneurship!
Viva new ideas to change the world for good!
By the way, time to start a Miss Lopez Foundation too, don´t you agree?
FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD for ever amigos & amigas! Hasta la vista! by Miss Lopez

Last minute fashion tips to start 2012 & Feelgood!

Hi! How was you Christmas? Nice to know the Swedish tradition by the hand of Miss Barcelona living in Sweden with her Swedish boyfriend. Sure many of my readers from USA or Spain think getting to know the Swedish tradition at Christmas may find it so interesting and exotic!… Viva exotic Sweden and Scandinavian Christmas traditions! Myself I am already looking forward for this new year to come with my business project like Help at home in Sweden and many more coming soon…Surprise! 😀 Meanwhile check my tips, Miss Lopez last minute fashion tips! Cool!+
Something red to wish me luck so wear red you too! From Spanish Mango
Something like retro from Zara. I like it too! 🙂

Coat by Yono Taola. I really love it!

Blue dress for the night by Spanish Blanco. Very popular label in Spain. So if you travel to Spain you know where to find cool cloths too…
And after the party get ready too for the new trend of the year, already so In in Hollywood: pantalones campana! (bell trousers as we call them). Check it out!

Cool! let´s start the new year with a good “foot” and feelgood! Viva fashion tips!
Feelgood Womanhood for ever! 🙂