Miss Barcelona’s resume on Beauty Team’s kick off

Hola amigos, Miss Barcelona is back with some inside information on Beauty Team’s kick off.

As you know we were cooperating with Beauty Team Felicia & Marisel on this event and I have to say that it was awesome! Felicia and Marisel can be proud of themselves for achieving this success.

We arrive to the studio at 16:45 to finish up some details, you know, fixing drinks, decorations, organize what each one would have to do during the event and I have to say that we did a pretty good job.

As you can see in the picture Felicia and Marisel looked spectacular with those amazing dresses! VIVA GLAMOUR!! 😉

Miss Lopez and I decided for a more out going look with what would be our uniform for all our events. How do you like them? VIVA MISS LOPEZ’S TEAM!!

They were greeting the guests at the door at 20:30, then we served San Miguel 0,0 lemon as a welcome drink to everybody.

As all the guest were arriving a very entertained mingle took place at the entrance of the studio, as you can see in the pictures there were a lot of people that couldn’t miss this fantastic kick off.

Once everybody had arrived, Felicia and Marisel took the stage to present Beauty Team to the public and so did we Miss Lopez and Miss Barcelona to talk about Miss Lopez and why we like Beauty Team.

As all our readers know we stand for FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD, and we think Beauty Team’s concept really matches with ours. These two young entrepreneurs want to make you feel beautiful, inside and out and not only deliver incredibly nice pictures but also empower you as a person, make you feel happy about yourself and give you positive energy to go on with your live. VIVA FEELGOOD!! 🙂
What a great time we had, there was a lottery were some lucky ones won several prices, and the icing in the cake was singer Sayen’s performance. With her incredible voice and Latin rhythms she set the floor on fire, everybody danced and had fun. VIVA SAYEN!!
To conclude we give each guess a nice goodie bag with several products from our sponsors, among them Depend, Foodism and San Miguel.
It definitely was a very nice event and make Miss Lopez and I want to work in much more events in the future.
And talking about events, my dear American readers, stay tuned because right now we are working on an event in New York. But since it is the first time we are organizing something in USA we would be very thankful if you can give us some feedback with your ideas for this event. Go to our Facebook page to leave your comments.
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