Miss Barcelona-Introducing new sponsor San Miguel-Brewery

san miguel 0,0 lemon at miss lopez


Hola amigos, Miss Barcelona is back with to introduce you tow new sponsors at Miss Lopez.


As all of you know we are cooperating with our colleagues Miss Felicia and Miss Marisel in their Kick off event coming up today. I am so excited about it because it is going to be asuper cool event full of good energy and girl power. VIVA GIRL POWER!!


For this event we got help from Brewery with San Miguel 0,0 Lemon.


San Miguel is a brand that belongs to the Mahou-San Miguel group from my beloved Spain.

This company has a long history coming back from 1890 when the first Mahou and San Miguel factorires were opened.


Both companies go their ways and positioned themselves as quality beer companies not only in Spain but internationally. In 2000 both companies merge giving birth to Mahou-San Miguel group.


Their mission is to be the leading brewery group on the domestic market and expand their market internationally. They are committed to their communities and always get involve in projects of social interest. They are without a doubt a very good example of the Spanish business success. VIVA SPANISH BUSINESS!!


San Miguel is distributed in Sweden by Brewery AB and they lunched the San Miguel 0,0 Lemon flavor in Systembolaget on May 2011. This beer is according to Brewery: “an Spanish success and an award wining non-alcoholic beer, that won first prize on flavored beers”


This my friends is what in Barcelona we call “clara”, a mix of beer and lemon soda, perfect to fight the thirst and refresh ourselves with its citrus flavor. If you have to drive or you just don’t want to drink alcohol but you still want to have a refreshing drink, San Miguel 0,0 Lemon is the way to go. VIVA CLARA!! VIVA SAN MIGUEL 0,0 LEMON!!

Stay connected to Miss Lopez for the best news, always, with a Latin touch. 😉


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