Yesterday Miss López in Sweden: Thanksgiving “a la americano” in The Hub

Yesterday American ‘Thanksgiving Day’ at the Hub where the stuffed turkey became the undisputed star. And what was filled in: bread cut into cubes, celery, onion, sage and thyme (or any similar aromatic plant) ingredients in thesauté pan with butter or margarine. A dish that is usually served with corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, vegetables …
However, there are ‘European’ versions when completing this turkey that include lean meat ingredients like pine nuts, raisins, dates, chestnuts, walnuts, dried apricots … why not NUT STUFFED TURKEY?
And you, if you had to choose … Why type of recipe you chose?  the traditional American style or perhaps the most European-based variants of nuts?
Viva Thanksgiving & Feelgood!