I just saw Sarah Jessica Parker´s latest movie trailer. so Viva Miss Lopez hushållsnäratjänster!

Oh my God! Does this trailer remind of something? 🙂 Yes women´s life today, isn´t it? In fact I must say I feel very much like this too many you? “I don´t know how she does it?”new Jessica Parker´s film is very realistic, I think. This makes me think how do we women try to keep life together without losing it??? Good question. We women are supposed to be super women!…
I am really looking to seeing this new film coming soon.
As a business woman I am launching soon a new concept to help working women: Miss Lopez help at home (only in Sweden right now with help at home) so we women can make our life together without losing it so much.
Nice! We have the right to get help! Viva Miss Lopez help at home! `Cause we´re worth it! Viva Miss Lopez hushållsnäratjänster! Vi ses!