Photo session with Beauty Team and now getting ready for a social media debate with Miss Lopez at Linköping tomorrow

Today I am not feeling that well but before I go to bed of course I am blogging! 🙂

Miss Felicia, the photographer, Miss Barcelona, the model and Miss Marisel, the make up artist! What a beauty team! Viva Miss Lopez´s bloggers!

So typical! Not feeling well when I have a photo session. Done with my mobile. I am looking forward the profesional pictures. Cool!

So much fun with taking pictures. I love it! 🙂 The real ones from Beauty Team coming soon! Thanks so much Miss Felicia & Miss Marisel! Such a nice ladies! and bloggers at Miss Lopez too!

So now my Dears, I am going to bed & get ready for a debate about social media in Linköping where I am a participant at a Swedish school. I´ve been invited there as I wrote a thesis about Feelgood Blogging at Stockholm´s University so tomorrow I´ll be busy talking about my ideas and experiences about this “act of love” by sharing to you all! I´ll try to get a video…

I´ll be back tomorrow från Linköping with social media news & feelgood my friends!

Hasta la vista and Viva feelgood blogging for a better social lifestyle! Cool! 🙂

By the way, FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD with Miss Lopez´s Team too! Thanks girls!