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Miss Barcelona-Spanish crowd funding at Cervantes Stockholm

goteo at miss lopez


Hola amigos, Miss Barcelona is back with some news on Spanish crowd funding. VIVA SPAIN!!


Miss Lopez and I attended to the special day organized by Instituto Cervantes in Stockholm to promote the Spanish crowd funding movements.


I have to say that I was very glad to see how develop this Spanish platforms are. Specially impressing is Goteo’s case.


This Spanish crowd funding platform, specializes in technological projects and their philosophy is that the people that want to find finance trough them, must give something back to the community by shearing all or part of their knowledge. So they promote a win-win situation for society.


They have only been open for 8 days and have fund 10440€ already, GOOD JOB!! VIVA GOTEO!!


This was a very interesting conference and I am very proud of the Spanish crowd funding platforms, they are very well developed, their sites look very professional and one can see that they have done a lot of research and innovation and have put a lot of hours and effort on their projects. There is good Technology in Spain too, I have always known it but I am happy that it had been demonstrated here in Sweden. VIVA SPANISH TECHNOLOGY!!! 😉


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Tomorrow Thursday recruitment meeting by Miss López

Hello! This is Miss López! 🙂
Yes tomorrow I´ll be having a recruitment meeting at AMS City as I am looking people within help at home & marketing. It seems it is going to be very popular. Cool!
I think it´s great you can improve your life, specially as a business woman with a bit of help at home. Why not Miss Lopez Städ? Good both ways, and for everybody as it creates a lot of jobs! I must say I love being an entrepreneur to improve our lives. Viva Feelgood Womanhood!

Spanish tortilla lunch by Miss López

Tortilla lunch at the HUB Stockholm. In the picture my assisten Miss Stena, me Miss Lopez and Miss Barcelona. Thanks for helping me! Cool! 🙂
I expected five people but I got many drops in, three times more. Cool! 🙂 Here having lunch together today at Hub Stockholm.
Interested you too in having a Spanish lunch at your office?? Send me an e mail to info@misslopez,se!!
Viva doing business in the city! Business & the City and Feelgood Womanhood!
Hasta la vista!

Miss Lopez at Gazelle awards. Lisen to Prince Daniel of Sweden & Percy Barnevik about entrepreneurship

Hi! Miss Lopez here after a very interesting mingel about entrepreneurship in Stockholm at the concert house invited by the Swedish department of growth as Ambassador for women´s entrepreneurship in Sweden. I loved lisening to all these people! This year’s Gazelle Competition made unusually high demands – to become a Gazelle company must have grown through both good and bad times.
In Dagens Industri’s Gazelle big gala in Stockholm told us what these companies are, Sweden’s fastest growing companies. There were as well Year Marathon Gazelle for business profiles featured on the stage to inspire and give good advice. Really inspiring for Miss Lopez!! 🙂 Lisen to Prince Daniel

and here Percy Barnevik, really touched!

Among other speakers, the Swedish minister in economy Anders Borg, Antonia Ax:son Johnson from Axel Johnson imperio and many more…
What a entrepreneurial inspiring evening! 🙂 and tomorrow crowdfunfing event at Instituto Cervantes in Stockholm with the Spanish Embassy about Swedish-Spanish crowdfunfing…
By the way, I have so many interesting projects, among one of them is Miss Lopez Städ to help entrepreneurial women in Sweden to find more balance in their lives. `Cause we worth it! Interesting that Percy Barnevik said he really likes women in business specially to finish poverty in the world by women´s entrepreneurship! Great!
Viva women´s entrepreneurship!
Viva FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD! Isn´t it? Always! 🙂

Miss Barcelona's resume on Beauty Team's kick off

Beauty Team Felicia & Marisel at miss Lopez

miss barcelona & miss lopez

san miguel at miss lopez

san miguel at miss lopez

beauty team felicia & marisel at miss lopez

dj pattu at miss lopez

sayen at miss lopez

Hola amigos, Miss Barcelona is back with some inside information on Beauty Team’s kick off.



As you know we were cooperating with Beauty Team Felicia & Marisel on this event and I have to say that it was awesome! Felicia and Marisel can be proud of themselves for achieving this success.

We arrive to the studio at 16:45 to finish up some details, you know, fixing drinks, decorations, organize what each one would have to do during the event and I have to say that we did a pretty good job.


As you can see in the picture Felicia and Marisel looked spectacular with those amazing dresses! VIVA GLAMOUR!! 😉

Miss Lopez and I decided for a more out going look with what would be our uniform for all our events. How do you like them? VIVA MISS LOPEZ’S TEAM!!

They were greeting the guests at the door at 20:30, then we served San Miguel 0,0 lemon as a welcome drink to everybody.


As all the guest were arriving a very entertained mingle took place at the entrance of the studio, as you can see in the pictures there were a lot of people that couldn’t miss this fantastic kick off.


Once everybody had arrived, Felicia and Marisel took the stage to present Beauty Team to the public and so did we Miss Lopez and Miss Barcelona to talk about Miss Lopez and why we like Beauty Team.

As all our readers know we stand for FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD, and we think Beauty Team’s concept really matches with ours. These two young entrepreneurs want to make you feel beautiful, inside and out and not only deliver incredibly nice pictures but also empower you as a person, make you feel happy about yourself and give you positive energy to go on with your live. VIVA FEELGOOD!! 🙂
What a great time we had, there was a lottery were some lucky ones won several prices, and the icing in the cake was singer Sayen’s performance. With her incredible voice and Latin rhythms she set the floor on fire, everybody danced and had fun. VIVA SAYEN!!
To conclude we give each guess a nice goodie bag with several products from our sponsors, among them Depend, Foodism and San Miguel.
It definitely was a very nice event and make Miss Lopez and I want to work in much more events in the future.
And talking about events, my dear American readers, stay tuned because right now we are working on an event in New York. But since it is the first time we are organizing something in USA we would be very thankful if you can give us some feedback with your ideas for this event. Go to our Facebook page to leave your comments.
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The perfect Christmas present, by Miss Lopez´s new concept in Sweden: Miss Lopez Städ!

Hi! Here my Christmas present to you all! There is only one problem: only in Sweden, Stockholm at the moment, but we´re coming! Miss Lopez competition in order you to win two hours help at home with cleaning by my new concept: Miss Lopez Städ. Cool!
Meanwhile check some pictures from Saturday night fever with Beauty Team & new Latin music star: Sayen! Check it out! 🙂
Me having a Spanish San Miguel, 0,0. With a lemon touch!

here lisening to the amazing voice with a BIG Latin touch, Miami sound: Sayen! Cool! By the way, lisen to her you too at this video: She, Sayen is a real FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD woman! Viva inspiration!!
More Feelgood News coming soon…
Hasta la vista babies! 🙂

Miss Barcelona-Introducing a new soponsor: DEPEND

depend at miss lopez

Hola amigos, Miss Barcelona is back to introduce you a new sponsor at Miss Lopez: DEPEND.
Depend Cosmetics, started its history in Sweden in 1952 serving hair salons but it wasn’t until 1989 that the company positioned itself in the consumer market, being most of their customers in perfumeries, cosmetic shops and department stores. VIVA DEPEND!! 🙂
Nowadays they are present in Sweden, Norway and Denmark specializing in top quality nail care and eye care products.

According to Depend their mission is to develop, produce and market a modern range of products that are complete and innovative. And their vision is to become leaders in the segments they specialize, nail and eye care and continue innovating for the future.


Isn’t it cool to be sure the products we use are safe and that they company behind them puts effort in investigation and innovation. VIVA SAFE PRODUCTS!!


They sponsored Beauty Team’s fantastic kick off, check out some pictures in they’re Facebook group.


Stay connected to Miss Lopez for the best information, always, with a Latin touch. VIVA BEAUTY EVENTS!! 🙂

New Latin music star in Sweden: Miami sound, Sayen!

Hola amigos y amigas!
A new Latin star was born in Sweden! 🙂 Viva bringing the Latin touch in Scandinavian & everywhere!!!!
Tired after a magic party yesterday with Beauty Team at Söder. THANK YOU girls, Felicia & Marisel!…Well I must say one of the best moments of the party was lisening to Sayen and her single in colaboration with Pato Pooh in Sweden: “Quiero tocar feat”. Cooooooooooooooooool!
Lisen to wonderful Sayen and let me know! Viva Latin touch with Miami sounds in Sweden and Feelgood!
Viva FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD with a Latin touch! 🙂

Miss Barcelona-Introducing new sponsor San Miguel-Brewery

san miguel 0,0 lemon at miss lopez


Hola amigos, Miss Barcelona is back with to introduce you tow new sponsors at Miss Lopez.


As all of you know we are cooperating with our colleagues Miss Felicia and Miss Marisel in their Kick off event coming up today. I am so excited about it because it is going to be asuper cool event full of good energy and girl power. VIVA GIRL POWER!!


For this event we got help from Brewery with San Miguel 0,0 Lemon.


San Miguel is a brand that belongs to the Mahou-San Miguel group from my beloved Spain.

This company has a long history coming back from 1890 when the first Mahou and San Miguel factorires were opened.


Both companies go their ways and positioned themselves as quality beer companies not only in Spain but internationally. In 2000 both companies merge giving birth to Mahou-San Miguel group.


Their mission is to be the leading brewery group on the domestic market and expand their market internationally. They are committed to their communities and always get involve in projects of social interest. They are without a doubt a very good example of the Spanish business success. VIVA SPANISH BUSINESS!!


San Miguel is distributed in Sweden by Brewery AB and they lunched the San Miguel 0,0 Lemon flavor in Systembolaget on May 2011. This beer is according to Brewery: “an Spanish success and an award wining non-alcoholic beer, that won first prize on flavored beers”


This my friends is what in Barcelona we call “clara”, a mix of beer and lemon soda, perfect to fight the thirst and refresh ourselves with its citrus flavor. If you have to drive or you just don’t want to drink alcohol but you still want to have a refreshing drink, San Miguel 0,0 Lemon is the way to go. VIVA CLARA!! VIVA SAN MIGUEL 0,0 LEMON!!

Stay connected to Miss Lopez for the best news, always, with a Latin touch. 😉


Yesterday Miss López in Sweden: Thanksgiving "a la americano" in The Hub

Yesterday American ‘Thanksgiving Day’ at the Hub where the stuffed turkey became the undisputed star. And what was filled in: bread cut into cubes, celery, onion, sage and thyme (or any similar aromatic plant) ingredients in thesauté pan with butter or margarine. A dish that is usually served with corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, vegetables …
However, there are ‘European’ versions when completing this turkey that include lean meat ingredients like pine nuts, raisins, dates, chestnuts, walnuts, dried apricots … why not NUT STUFFED TURKEY?
And you, if you had to choose … Why type of recipe you chose?  the traditional American style or perhaps the most European-based variants of nuts?
Viva Thanksgiving & Feelgood!