Hunky Dory VIP Sale with Miss Lopez Tuesday 25 th Stockholm, Sweden

Hola amigos! So yes tomorrow I am happy to be invited at VIP Sale for Hunky Dory brand in Stockholm. Cool! 🙂

Well this is a Swedish brand that I really like, really cool even perfect for the more relaxed business woman. Nice!
Well havenŽt  I told you that I teach Spanish to the daughter of the New Yorker living in Stockholm, Sweden in charge of the production for this label? Yes and she, her daughter is learning a lot of Spanish. Felicidades! After all Spanish is a BIG language in USA too. Thanks for the invitation tomorrow. IŽll be there!
And what about You learning a bit of Spanish a la LĂłpez? Will you with me as a teacher? I hope so. Soon IÂŽll be making an event on Facebook too. Linking too?

By the way talking about news of today on another New Yorker, American Jennifer Lopez, J.Lo…she just had a break down remmembering the past loves of her life. Check it out! Success in business does not mean in love too. After all we are all are humans! But donÂŽt loss hope! me either! 🙂
Viva love &  love to make the world goes run! to friends, to work, to family…Viva all kind of love & Feelgood!
Viva la moda too! 🙂 and Thanks again!