Sessilee Lopez, Jon Kortajarena and the importance of having a positive attitude in life

American Sessilee López, hottest female model of the moment

Jon Kortajarena from the Vasque country in Spain, hot too.

Hi!  Today reading the news I´ve found out that American Sessilee Lopez and Jon Kortajarena, Miss Lopez´s favourite model are the hottest models of the moment as well as the capacity of feeling happyness depend 50% on our genes, 10 % in our circunstances and 40% in our way of thinking, our attitude. I hope these pictures will cheer you up & Feelgood!

So as at Miss Lopez everything is about Feeling good everybody, I was thinking whatever your looks, long, short, beautiful & less, black, white, women or men…Everybody has the right to feel good! Don´t you think so? So focus in a Feelgood attitude everyday and you will ROCK!

Here comes Feelgood Rights to everybody! 🙂
1. Keep a positive attitude towards life.
2. Make up yourself to be happy every day.
3. Enjoy what you have and good moments that life offers.
4. Share with your loved ones.
5. Do not be afraid or take things too seriously. Very important. The most important is YOU!
6. Always keep your hopes intact.
7. Find projects seeking an objective and activities that allow you to have fun and enjoy your leisure time.
8. Surround yourself with people friendly and cheerful.
9. Avoid indifference.
10. Love with passion and know that the happiness when shared, instead of diminishing, increases.
Fight for being a bit happier everyday & feelgood! Viva Feelgood Rights to everybody! 🙂