Good for your heart recipe from Michelin awarded restaurant Dos Cielos in Barcelona

Hello! By the way, do you know California walnuts can be very good for your heart? Whatever try this recipe from awarded restaurant Dos Cielos, directly from Barcelona. Cool! Get ready for your lunch tomorrow & enjoy!
Number of People: 4
Author: Dos Cielos Restaurant. Chefs Javier and Sergio Torres
20 g margarine
40 g shallot
360 g of rice
40 g zucchini flower
1800 cl cooked background
100 g of California walnuts
Mushrooms of different kinds:
Camagroc -20 g
-20 G of blue foot
-20 G ou reig or death cap mushroom
-20 G of the trumpet of death
-20 G or chanterelle Rossinyol
-20 G mushroom
-20 G of white llanega
-20 G of black llanega
-20 G of ox tongue
-20 G of rat foot
In a saucepan add the margarine and once dissolved add the scallions, toss and put therice. Fry and dip slowly cooked with the background to be reduced. When the rice is ready, add the mushrooms with zucchini flower, butter and serve. Chop some nuts and add the rice to finish the dish.
I wish you a delicious lunch from the bottom of my heart! By Miss Lopez 🙂 I hope you´ll like it! Let me know amigos!