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Forever young…Fat, an investment for the future?

Hola amigos &  amigas! Talking about beauty…Would you like to be young forever?  It seemed impossible but maybe not anymore 🙂 Let´s see! The promise of eternal youth has found a new hope in the most unlikely place: the fat cells. Fat, once it was an undesirable enemy to get the perfect body has become a source of beauty that is worth treasuring. Look what I´ve found out on Spanish press:  fat banks:  a type of savings account where you can save the fat for future use. Didn´t you know?… Forever young, meanwhile lisen to the famous song to get inspired! To be continued afterwards…

So far, the fat was only a filler material, but the renewed interest in the fat for youth came with the discovery of their biological potential. “The importance of adipose tissue is that it concentrates a greater number of stem cells and is also easier to remove them,” says Dr. Jesus Benito, founder of the Spanish Society of Transplant Fat (Setgra).
According to this article, today the aesthetic applications of stem cells have opened a new door in the fight against the clock. The main difference between those for cosmetic use and for use in regenerative medicine is that the former do not require any kind of manipulation, thus eliminating the ethical and immunological problems.”This allows the fat to become the ultimate weapon-aging as”its potential not only as a filler, but above all, the regenerative properties of stem cells,” says Dr. Benedict.
So when the owner of one of these accounts decides it’s time to turn back the clock, today or in 20 years, the Bank of fat is responsible for retrieving the required amount and send it to the clinic, ” ready to use. ” The immediate results are obvious: after being injected, fat provides a volume effect. But the long-term benefits are great hook: stem cells improve blood circulation and boost the creation of collagen.
And you, would you spare your fat for the future? Whatever, interesting to know, don´t you think so?
And remmember, “Nunca te acostarás sin saber una cosa más” as we say in Spain that means, you´ll never go to sleep without learning something new everyday…
Sweet dreams by Miss Lopez to you all & feelgood!

Miss Lopez in Spanish version: Spanska a la López!

Hola amigos & amigas! The Spanish version is much better! Check this Loca by Shakira! In Spanish…
Are you interested in learning a bit of Spanish with a real Spanish? I mean Miss Lopez of course! Well in that case send me an e mail to and I´ll send you the information. As I live in Sweden I am going to call this special course “Spanska a la López”. it sounds good, isn´t it?
Hasta la vista babies! and learn Spanish you too by Miss Lopez!
Viva “Spanska a la López” & Feelgood!

Handsome beauty for women to improve your sex appeal this Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Hello mis amigos & amigas! Miss Lopez is back with more fashion news this time…after an interesting weekend and an hour more of sweet sleep today. Nice! I love it! 🙂
You know, these days of gender equality men take, or at least are supposed to care of their children, clean and cook. But at the same time they do not wear skirts or make-up (in general).  Actually if they do, they are considered gay or eccentric!!!!!!!!!!!!. (I like it!) At least this is the common idea among most of the population. In contrast, if a woman takes a manly styling it is not considered as a lesbian.  Why do you think is so? I think the key lies in history.  It´s not just about icons in art & fashion from the past like: Édith Piaf, Lauren Bacall, Jean Seberg, Diane Keaton…I believe there is a socio-cultural reason: in most of the civilizations is the woman who has had to fight for their freedom so one of her arms has been to be more like them physically. Here from Miss Lopez we do not think you have to try to look like a man to get equal rights but it can be just fun! 🙂
But Yes, we Women demand equal rights like men and at the same time we want to remain feminine and feel beautiful, seductive and captivating…so What can be more attractive than the ambiguity?…Cool! Interesting question, don´t you think so? And YOU, what do you think?
Get inspired by handsome beauty style for women! Check Penelope Cruz´s new style!

From Balmain catwalk Fall Winter 2011-2012…as many other designers this new season. Masculine Style is IN! & Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool too!
Venture Up the Handsome Beauty in YOU! Have Fun & feelgood!
By the way Sleep Well & Sweet Dreams by Miss Lopez! 🙂

Tomorrow we sleep an hour more! Time to change an hour back the clock!

Hi! The time has come to change the time an hour back one more time!
Time to change our ruitines so here comes my tips to make the process a bit easier.
1- Keeping fixed the hours of rest at night, between 6 and 8 hours, depending on the person,and avoid long naps, never more than 30 minutes.
2-Do not vary the activities that we were doing.
3- Drink water  (2 to 3 liters per day)  Do not drink stimulants (coffee, tea …) from certain times of day.
4- Do not go to bed with hunger or having eaten in excess.
5-these days are not recommended at high physical &  mental  activity or exposure to bright light before bedtime.
6-Have a positive attitude
Whatever, Seek medical attention if symptoms persist for more than ten days.

I am going to do all that. By the way nices watches. I think I may buy one of those!
Coming back soon! Ciao!
Follow Miss Lopez TIPS & Feelgood everybody!

Photo competition! Winn a luxurious photoshoot with Beauty Team

Now it’s time for a photo competition with Beauty Team Felicia & Marisel. The winner will win a luxurous photoshoot with makeup / hair value of 2500 swedish kr!
The theme for this competition is: RED!
“What does RED mean to you?” It could be anything from a feeling, an object, nature, portrait, abstract .. there are no limits! Be creative!
In order to compete you have to join the Beauty Team group on Facebook where you can upload your picture with an explanation for your picture.
For Example;
“I have photographed a picture of me and my partner;
Justification: When I look at my partner, I feel the love just spreading in my body and red for me is Love:) ”
You can shoot with a camera, iphone, etc. The image can be retouched if you want, use photo apps on the iphone.
The contest closes its doors on November 21 at. 21:00 here on Facebook.
The five persons receiving the highest LIKES will move on to the finals of which, all five finalists gets an automatic spot on the guest list for Beauty Team KICK OFF event where the winner’s name will be called and receive the award. 🙂

Felicia & Marisel

Miss Lopez´s tip for entrepreneurs: Smile so you drop!

Miss Lopez´s tips: if you can not make it, fake it until you make it! 🙂 Cheeeese! Look at this!
Julia Roberts & Uma Thurman
This is for sure one of my recipes: smile, smile, smile… And you know what, blogging makes me laugh, maybe that´s why I love blogging everyday. The thing is every time we smile or better yet, you laugh out loud, you’re doing a favor for your health and your beauty. Did you know that? Look what I found out! 
“Laughting produces biochemicals in our body: endorphins, serotonin and adrenaline, which boost the immune system, activating the cells… Also, did you know that a good laugh makes mobilize and strengthen about 400 muscles in our body? Laughing improves breathing, lung capacity can quadruple and causes a rush of energy that is distributed throughout the body, stimulating and improving balance.
When we laugh, the blood is charged with electromagnetic energy, activating its circulation, the bones of the spine and neck are stretched to three centimeters, the eyes fill with tears, which act positively in visual acuity, making distinguish colors better. Want more? The nose, ears and nose are cleared. But besides the physical benefits, laughter is a good ally to relieve stress and tension, enhances emotional growth and increases productivity. And that laugh is directly related to beauty and youth. In fact the person who laughs has glow in his or her eyes and spread the joy of living, has great power of attraction to others and brighten the lives of those around you.”
Of course, the best smile & laugh is the one that comes from the heart but you can try…It´s like exercising as well!
And I´ll tell you this from the bottom of my heart ´cause in my case it really helps me, even for my business. Without the energy that smiling gives me, I don´t thing many times I´d have the strength to carry on in down`s periods.
So now I show you some pictures of yesterday so keep smiling my dears..

Try smiling you too! 🙂

Having fun at the Hub with Miss Lopez´s blogger Miss Barcelona and Swedish journalist Donald Boström

Everything is easier with a smile in our face, even in business!

Hasta la vista amigos! and Viva Feelgood Blogging and Miss Lopez´s bloggers too!


Tips for Halloween: a special cake by Miss López to you!

I hope you like my new Miss Lopez cooking tips! Not as special as Ferrán Adriá but for sure delicious! Check it out!

You need:
5 eggs, 200 grams of pumpkin, 250 g sugar, 250 grams of flour, 50 g of sunflower oil, 1 envelope yeast, 1 pinch salt 1 pinch ground cinnamon, 50 g pumpkin, peeled, 3 tea spoons orange food coloring (optional). 
1) Preheat oven to 170 ° C.
2) Grate the pumpkin.
3) Separate the yolks from the whites of eggs and egg whites mounted with half the sugar until a firm meringue.
4) mount them yolks with half the sugar until the color changes to pale yellow.
5) Add the grated pumpkin, oil, flour, yeast and screened.
6) Mix with a whisk.
7) Add the cinnamon, coloring and pipes and mixing continued until a homogeneous mass.
8) Add the egg whites carefully with a spatula. This will bring air into the mix to be spongecake.
9) Spread the mold cavity with sunflower oil, seal and fill it with the mass of the cake. Bakeat 170 ° C for 1 hour.
10) Cool and unmold.
By the way, do not forget to use a mold punkin shaped!
Viva cooking tips for everybody & FEELGOOD!


Miss Lopez´s news: Cooking for progress with Ferrán Adriá & more. Food to change de world!

Hello amigos & amigas! For sure you have heard the expression “food is love” or “you´re what you eat”. I believe there must be some truth in it, don´t you? And the best of all comes when you combine food & creativity, to change the world too! Miss Lopez loves Love 🙂 I mean Food! in order to Feelgood… of course!
You know the best restaurant in the world, El Bulli from Barcelona with Spanish Ferrán Adriá is just closed but soon in 2014 El Bulli Foundation is coming. Look what I found out! The mission of this foundation is to breed new ideas, teaching new ways of cooking just as they do at normal universities. The kitchen of the future! It´s about getting food inspiration from all cuisines around the world. I´ve heard El Bulli has got a lot of inspiration from Japan. This is the Haute cuisine like in Fashion! Food for creativity!
The Bulli Foundation shall consist of a selection of students from the best schools worldwide, that will pass through the eyes of a jury set up by people of great international prestige as the Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz. Cool! In the words of Adrià: “The students compete against me and against the ideas of the future that I have in my head.”
And what about Food for Thought? . This is a new concept & Swedish company by Josefin Uhnbom, the founder, with the goal of building a profitable business to create meaningful work and sustained employment for long-term unemployed. Specially for women in need outside Sweden. Food for Thought will be working closely with stakeholders in the private, public and voluntary sectors. Josefin Uhnbom works with social entrepreneurship at SE Forum as well. Cool!
Check Josefin talking to the crowd at The Hub, Stockholm.

Nice with creativity for a good reason! I love it! 🙂
Viva food for doing good so feelgood! and cooking for progress to change the world!!!
FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD everybody! by Miss López

Miss Felicia, new Miss Lopez´s blogger, but Who is Felicia Margineanu?

Buenas noches!
As a new member here on MissLopez, this is the perfect time to introduce myself to You 🙂 So, here we go;
WHO is Felicia Margineanu?

– Many people wonder about my last name, Margineanu. Margineanu from my dad who´s Romanian. You could say that I´m like a good smoothie, mixed with the best from both worlds haha 🙂 My dad is from Romania and my mom is Swedish.

I am known as a young entrepreneur, working with my passions such as; photography, dancing, creating events, policy (human rights) and I am also working with kids from ages 12-17 at a school in Stockholm.
My biggest passion in life is photography, -I started my own photography business in February 2011, after 4 years of taking pictures. I started out with a simple digital camera that my grandma and mother bought as a birthday present. I did not know how much that camera would change my life. It took me to places I´ve never seen before. I got the privilige to work with wonderful people, Who inspires me to be the best photographer and Person I can be.
Together with Miss Marisel – makeup artist, we have a Team named; Beauty Team.We work together with a purpuse to make You feel beautiful, inside and out. Our vision is to not only make you feel beautiful, but also empower you as a person. We want inspire, with a positive energy and a good team work. 🙂 VIVA FEEL GOOD WOMANHOOD!
– When I was 17 (2010) I held a demonstration in Stockholm against racisim and xenophobia. I gathered 10 000 people in less than 12 hours to the event with the help of using Facebook. This demonstration changed my life in one split second, during my last year I´ve been traveling in Sweden and international working with human right questions, having lectures, been in panels etc. Today I am aslo working with young kids to inspire, motivate and activate their creative minds! 🙂

– But I also have a big crush for dance and music. I´ve been teaching street/dancehall classes for young kids in Stockholm, but my biggest passion right now is Salsa and latin music. I do performences every now and then, I´ve been in group such as, Tropicana Stockholm and Salsa Akademiens Lady Styling Team.
So… This is just a tinytinytiny bit of Me and WHO I am 🙂 Feel free to comment, contact me or add me on facebook to talk more with me 🙂
“My goal and motivation is to inspire people!! And mostly, I want to inspire, activate and motivate peoples creative minds, and give them strenght to follow their dreams!!”
@ Miss World Sweden 2011
So with that I say, Good night, Buenas noches, God natt and Noapte Buna! 🙂 Kisses, besitos, pussar and te pup

Till startsidan