Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore & Alicia Keys together for a good cause in Soho,New York

Hi my friends! Miss Lopez here. Soon we´ll be having a repporter from new York too. Great, isn´t it? I´ll let you know later on. Stockholm, Barcelona, New York…we´re gettinh BIG! 😀
Yes good news from Soho, New York this time. Women helping other women, like the ones in the picture. Besides being beautiful, rich and famous, Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and Alicia Keys share more than fame. The stars have just made Five debut, a short TV series of five interconnected stories to inform about breast cancer. This is a television project that tells the stories of five women connected by their experience with the disease. The aim is none other than to make the female population aware of the importance of having periodic reviews to ensure early diagnosis and support people fighting cancer.
I do think is great when famous people get together for a good cause. Viva women helping women!