Mexico is opportunity in cooperation with Miss Lopez!

Hola! Here comes the information about this delegation trip to Mexico with Swedish Trade & SIEN business facilitator in cooperation with Miss Lopez:
The 15000 SEK is the registration fee to join the Delegation. This is a state subsidized rate to Encourage SMEs to come forward and explore the opportunities in the International markets. The service package that includes B2B direct discussions locally, and all other logistics around that is included in this Merchant Package offer through SIEN and other Kosmopolit Network Organizations. The structure and plans of that program is done by Exportrådet, Swedish Trade. This Merchant service offer is exclusively for Kosmopolit Network Member Delegates only. As soon as a delegate joins, we will try to assure that the specific requirements of that Delegate Company’ s requirements are listed and program tailored to meet that requirements interms of most suitable counter-part in Mexico is identified and scheduled for the B2B discussions. Thus, for 15000 SEK, the participating delegate company is assured of a service package of high quality way below the market price to be payed to any free-standing consulting company or even directly with Exportrådet.
Further, the SIEN Business Facilitators will support with follow-up services as and when required, on mutually agreed terms with such companies. Again, this could be bleow the prevailing market rates for acquiring continued support from any external consulting firms. The travel related costs are NOT included in the Registration fee of 15000 SEK.  This has to be taken separately by the delegate company.
More coming soon!
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