Miss Lopez webmagazine gets press passes to Rockbjörnen music awards at Gröna Lund!

Hej amigos, Miss Lopez here! We did it again! 🙂 Press passes with Miss Barcelona in Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm before, Madrid, Ibiza…This time Miss Lopez wemagazine gets new press passes to Swedish awards Rockbjörnen at Gröna Lund in Stockholm! Cool! 🙂
And the winner is…Veronica Maggio! She deserves it, you rock! Congratulation!
Stay tuned with Miss Lopez about job, business, fashion & events and Feelgood! Check the after party!!
Always Feelgood Womanhood! More new coming soon….by Miss López! 🙂
Vivan los festivales de musica sueca! Buena musica en Suecia! Miss Lopez webmagazine en Gröna Lund, Rockbjörnen!