Barcelona & Stockholm: top “techie” cities for star-ups.

Hi everybody from Stockholm! 🙂 Today meeting a friend and of course talking business. Do you know that according to American magazine Wired in the latest  English edition for September talking about start ups & techie cities  Barcelona is one of the top techie cities together with Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Moscow, Paris, Stockholm, Tallinn, Helsinki and Berlin as well as highlights Copenhagen, Budapest, Madrid and Dublin. Cool!
In the Catalan capital Wired highlights the following companies: Eyeos the virtual desktop open source with over 100,000 active users, Mobbeel, creating passwords for mobiles,  Zyncro an enterprise microblogging, Trendtation, a social aggregator of photos, Reactable and Systems, a company dedicated to creating electronic musical instruments, Tupply to warn of possible purchases in groups, and Fonyou, a provider of virtual phone that offers a second number from the main terminal. Companies are also focused on providing services to other companies as DotOpen that helps find potential customers, Siino, creator of software for touch screens, and LetMeCallU, which creates a button to call directly by phone from signing mail. Cool Viva Barcelona!
By the way, do you know in September Miss Miranda is leaving Stockholm to Barcelona blogging from there too? Cool!
Viva Stockholm & Barcelona!!! Viva techie cities in the world for start-ups! 🙂
Sabias que segĂșn la publicacion americana Wired, Barcelona y Estocolmo entre las mejores ciudades del mundo para emprendedores, o sea start ups! aqui hablando de negocios con un amigo en Estocolmo. Cool! 🙂
Viva Top techie cities & Feelgood!
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