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Visiting my friend at Gärdet, Estocolmo today…

Hola, hola friends! How are you doing today? I really feel much better today as my cold or whatever it was is almost completely over and my good humor is back! I love it! After all Feeling Good is the most important, isn´t it? 🙂

Only two days to my vacation in Spain so today I met Miss Miranda and then we went to Gärdet to visit my dear friend Christoffer. Thanks for being so nice to us! We had a great time and there we had the opportunity to admire this incredible picture. Don´t you like it?

We were talking about Spanish artist Dali and his museum in Gerona, Spain. I´d love to go there sometimes! Meanwhile I´ll be happy to travel to Galicia… Less time left. Cool!

Hasta la vista babies! Viva Miss Lopez friends and creative people! Ciao!

Viva el arte & el amor!! By the way, it may happen I´ll be blogging less in the beggining of this week so Thank God Miss Miranda will be blogging much more now from her appartment in Gärdet, Stockholm, Sweden. Thank You Miss Miranda! Cool!


Miss Lopez´s friend "Breaking" News: New Camilla Brinck´s single out!

Hola amigos! Miss Lopez here again! You know the other day I´ve had the pleasure to meet Swedish singer CAMILLA  BRINCK so now I am even happier to inform you too about her new single “Breaking” that you can lisen to now. Cool!
As I know the importance of having your own site on internet, I can understand her joy about her new site “on air” now… 🙂 Check it out!
Actually one of the most importance things about Miss Lopez is to show off to the world the greatness of being a woman by inspiring women (and men…of course) with feminine role models. I do think Camilla is a role model to look up too, a surviver in this show business world and a true fighter. Well Done Camilla! I wish You all luck! You deserve it! `Cause you´re  worth it!
Viva role models like Camilla to look up to and Feelgood!
Viva the good music! By the way, do you like her new video? I love it!
FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD more the ever with Camilla Brinck & López and all women! Viva women´s superpowers! 🙂
Hasta la vista Babies!!!

Miss López & Miss Miranda in the biggest IKEA, of course in Sweden!

Miss Lopez is back after a lot of problems making my blog work properly. I still have problems with my Facebook Likes buttom as all Likes disappear once in a while…too bad! Actually is me who has to deal with the system alone and now I feel almost like an IT expert 🙂 . I am not but I´d love to learn more… Still I must sort it out this problem as soon as possible. Thanks for the support! I feel “naked” without my blog working, Oops!! 🙂 A very strange feeling, I should say… I need my blog. Viva Miss Lopez Blog and Feelgood Womanhood! 🙂

Such a warm day today in Sweden! You may not believe it but I look forward to travelling to Galicia/ Oleiros in in the north west of Spain to enjoy a milder fresher weather. It´s not just the north or south factor that makes a difference is temperature. There are other factors too like being close to the open sea…and here it´s so warm for me compared to Galicia just right at the Athantic Ocean. I´ll be blogging from there soon…Cool! Bye!

And today it was time for moving to a student apartment for Miss Miranda. She has been living with me since she came to Sweden so today we went to IKEA, the biggest one, of course in Sweden as it should be. IKEA is so Swedish!! Here she and I outside. The thing is Spaniards love going to IKEA, didn´t you know? 🙂 It feels exotic and kind of a bit a sightseeing, and yes certainly this one is big. For me it´s not the first time I´ve been in this one but it feels so great Miss Miranda liked it so much to go to IKEA in Sweden. Viva IKEA ! 🙂 Perfect for students visiting Sweden for just a few months like Miss Miranda! Nice to make people happy, don´t you think so? I am sure Miss Miranda is very happy in her new apartment in Gärdet with new curtains from IKEA. Good Luck Miss Miranda! 🙂

And tomorrow lunch at Stureplan at 13pm. I´ll tell you more afterwards… Hasta la vista! by Miss Lopez

By the way Miss Miranda is learning Swedish and she loves it! PUSS & KRAM 🙂


Summer night dreams! Getting ready to my holidays, by Miss López!

Hello friends! Miss Lopez still in Sweden! The summer has come and it´s really warm and yesterday I almost could not sleep. For sure nothing like the dream of a summer night like today (it sounds like Shakespeare…) to start a good vacation. And a day like today  Kate Moss has married in the picture (Hola) Jamie Hince as well as Albert of Monaco with Charlene Wittstock. Congratulations! Nice to get inspired by happy people in the heat of the summer! 🙂

Well I do not know whay´s wrong with me but still I have this cold and my dream of today is to get well and travelling to Spain pretty soon. By the way, Miss Miranda is coming to A Coruña too so we´ll be blogging from there but later on. Today I have almost done all my luggage though I am leaving this next Tuesday. I look forward to it… I miss my swimming pool! 🙂 I love Galician beaches! Nothing like it! I think my dream of today is going to be about the Galician sea, sitting close and lisening to the waves…so romantic! It is is going to be great to blogg from the beach, a real one! and Miss Lopez in bikini! 🙂

And You what do you dream of? Miss Lopez´s tip: Que durmais con los angelitos and Feelgood!

Wish me well so we can enjoy the best blogging together on the beach in a few days.

Vamos a la playa con Miss Lopez  so FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD from Spain too! Hasta la vista!! Puss! Besos! 

Till startsidan