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The aircraft of the future now to Feelgood! Viva cool travelling!

Hola from Spain! You know Miss Lopez loves travelling, don´t you? Today I am tired so my mind is in the clouds, “en las nubes” as we say in Spanish…Dreaming to my next trip…to Sweden!
It´d be nice to find out how the aircraft of 2050 would be? Check it out! 🙂
In the last campaign of Airbus, the marketing meets science fiction.Cool!
The result is a collection of amazing videos  like this one…To begin the passengers will not have to queue …
– Billing and ticketing will disappear completely like taking the subway.
– The fuselage will be sensitive, tactile and transparent, offering an unique vision of heaven and earth.
– And the chairs will collect energy from our backsides…to spend less biofuel almost like Matrix.
– The aircraft of the future will be quieter.
– You can fly in formation with other aircraft, like a platoon of cyclists or a flock of birds to use less fuel.
– Major airports may go with vertical take-off
– Also you´ll get to anywhere in the world “in less than three hours.”
– The best: fly will be free. There will be jet luxury cruises, swimming pool where in exchange for the roulette game you´ll get the ticket. Cool!
Nice with a bit of imagination, don´t you think so? Let´s see! I look forward to blogging in an aircraft like this! Perfect to share the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood to everybody even in 2050!!
Viva aircrafts of the future to make us feelgood!!
feelgood always!

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