Miss Lopez news: Don Omar, Danza Kuduro, 2011 sommar song!!

Hi Miss Lopez here! I am happy to present you the one and only: 2011 sommar song from Puerto Rico Don Omar, Danza Kuduro or la cancion del verano as we say in Spanish. Perfect to cheer you up! and Feelgoo!  🙂
Yes sommar song is here to make you happy! Being happy is good for your health. Happier and positive people feel that their health is better, compared to those who pay closer attention to the physical and psychological problems that affect them according to the  study ‘Happiness and health perception’, made by Coca-Cola Institute of Happiness and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) directed by Professor of the School of Psychology, UCM, Carmelo GĂłmez. Studies have positively assessed the relationship between wellness and happiness about the immune system, neuroendocrine level, or in relation to the cardiovascular field. So pay attention to this! Good!!
Whatever look at the bright side of life! 🙂
Feelgood with la cancion del verano!!!!!
Here it comes so Let´s dance together with Miss Lopez. I love it! 🙂