Miss Lopez close to the beach right now: Sunset in A Coruña to Feelgood!

Hi amigos! Miss Lopez at home in Oleiros, A Coruña where I spend my summer vacations close to amazing beaches everywhere! `Cause it´s true! 🙂
I love being here and I love the sound of Athantic waves. Check the sunset here, isnt it nice? Something I love before sleepng is going to the beach (better than the swimming pool…) to lisen to this… So relaxing! I think I may do it tonigh! You´ll love it! 🙂
Lisen to this (Orzan beach in A Coruña) and Feelgood! I think I am going to sleep well tonigh…
Viva the Galician sunset! Don´t you like it?
Feelgood Womanhood from Galicia! by Miss López