Miss Lopez in the land of the last European cowboys…coming soon

Hola amigos! Miss Lopez here! Soon I´ll be having my holidays this summer in the land of the last cowboys: Galicia. Cool! In fact there is a very old tradition called “A Rapa das Bestas”  where mostly the boys, but even girls cut the hair of the wild horses. Daring I must say! and it´s cool too! 🙂 This must be the last wild horse festival in Europe, a wrestling horse festival and just during this week in Galicia, at the north west of Spain in a village, Sabucedo.
Well soon I am leaving to this magical region in Spain, Galicia for weeks so from there I´ll have the opportunity to show you the amazing parties and places there. You´re gonna have fun with Miss Lopez, I´ll tell you.
By the way I think it´s cool women, even young ones, dare to try to tame a “wild horse”. We may need it, don´t you think so? 🙂
Can you imaging Miss Lopez taming a wild horse like this? Let´s see! Meanwhile check the interesting video and Feelgood!
Hasta la vista babies! See you soon from Galicia!