My fashion tips: Lingerie for a Love Night, by Miss L贸pez

Hola amigos! MISS LOPEZ as usual! Before I wish you sweet dreams! 馃檪 How are you doing today? Let me know…As the summer is just around the corner, I guess many are having “love” celebrations so today I feel like sharing my tips about something very Miss Lopez 馃檪 : exclusive lingerie, don麓t you think so? Nice isn麓t it?
Good to feel feminine inside & out. I love it! Right now I am looking for a business cooperation with a lingerie brand. After all the cooperations I am getting right now, still I am looking for this kind of cooperation. Viva Business cooperations with Miss Lopez! But I know something, as far as I have a vision, sooner or later, whatever will be true for me. In fact it麓s a matter of time, I believe! That麓s why, having a firm vision and learning how to manage our time is so essential, in order to succedd!! So for those living in Stockholm, wanting to maximaze your possibilities in business as a creative entrepreneur, do not miss Time Management event at The Hub Stockholm, this Wednesday. Check it out and Feelgood! 馃檪聽
Like the other day at Villa Pauli,聽 I went there with an open mind and now I am working on some really interesting business cooperations. Cool! See! Open your mind to possibilities and Feel even better in business! 聽I hope now to find soon this exclusive lingerie brand cooperating with Miss Lopez. Wouldn麓t be great? 馃檪
Meanwhile I show you, mine, Miss Lopez preferences in lingerie!
So intimate and charming! Perfect for brides and the honeymoon! Any time too! Check it out!
In the first picture above: 1. Corsolette tulle and white lace, Agent Provocateur 2. Set in silk satin and lace, Agent Provocateur 3. Set in ivory satin and lace accents in black, Carine Gilson 4.champagne-colored corset, Stella McCartney 5. Lace and Satin light blue silk, Elle MacPherson Intimates 6. bra strapless color nude , Donna Karan. So nice! I love them! 馃檪

The trends in 2011 seems to be the raw tones, ivory, black and white. The more colorful note, blue and dusty pink , topped with lace and embroidery in shades of cream. Beautiful!

Proposalsfor for the night: 1. Set bustier and shorts color lace nude black and inspired pin-up of The Lake & Stars 2. Body in white lace with piping in black, Damaris 3. Main tulle The ivory chiffon, Jenny Packham 4. bra and panty set in pink with white details of Elle MacPherson Intimates 5.Corsolette tulle black, Agent Provocateur.
Oh my God, so beautiful! Can you imagine Miss Lopez in one of those? Which one I should choose? I look forward to know your answer! Cool!
Not time left!
Waiting for the Love night to be great and Feelgood! 馃檪
Viva feeling feminine inside & out! so FEELGOOD 聽WOMANHOOD everybody!